Federal Agents Raid Building In Center Township


Federal Agents raided a building in Center Township today. The professional offices building at 3428 Brodhead Road sits across the street from Papa Duke’s Bar & Grill. Among the offices at the location are those of S.L. Wilcox Health Services. A contingency of agents were seen inside of that office, although officials declined to identify the target of the raid. The listed number for Wilcox’s Office went straight to voicemail today, with a message saying the mailbox was full.

County tax records show the building is owned by Morry David, brother of Sheriff George David. Morry David was seen sitting in a vehicle outside of the building as agents executed a warrant on the premises.

Two men who were seen carrying boxes from the building identified themselves to the Beaver Countian as undercover agents with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Those agents requested all photographs taken on scene be redacted to mask their identities.

Center Township Police assisted the DEA as they executed the warrant.

Patient reviews for Dr. Simon Wilcox published on the healthcare information website Vitals.com are mixed, with one reviewer writing in February of last year that they were going to report Dr. Wilcox to the DEA for allegedly being “a drug dealer.”

The Beaver Countian will follow this story as more information becomes available.

Center Township Police assisted with the raid.

Morry David (in truck) watches the raid with an unidentified African American man.

Federal agents removing boxes from location.


  • I’m sad when I fire up the BC and there is no fresh story about the Sheriff. While this was a surprise, it certainly still made my day.

  • Did the Center Township Police really assist or did they just observe as Federal Law Enforcement did some real work ?

    • It’s routine procedure for federal agencies to rely on local law enforcement to help secure a scene when they execute warrants like this. Good job by CPD. :thumbsup:

      • There are just too many scandals with Beaver County law enforcement these days. Its hard not to lift a skeptical eyebrow.

  • I was just wondering, what would the DEA have done if the Sheriff’s Department had shown up to help ?

  • This. Drug activity had been going on for years – if I know this, why didn’t law enforcement. This activity has been in the rumor mill for years, you would think an investigation would have taken place long before now!!!

  • Isn’t Wilcox the Dr that keeps the street pharmacists in business? I’ve heard many ppl brag that they get any script they need from Wilcox. Then they turn around and sell them to addicts to cash in big. Is this the same clinic??

  • That is really good because Center the so called one of the good towns in Beaver County has real problems with drugs. They like to keep it out the paper and cover up the great Center happenings but it is horrendous there clean it up before its quip from A-town to to beaver falls.

  • This is what this web site is all about. Rumors. Hearsay. And unnamed sources. A place to hide your identity and spill lies, gossip, and rumors.

  • My family and I have been under the care of Dr. Wilcox and his staff for most of the past decade. I have personally been treated from everything from sinus infections to minor surgery in his office. Dr. Wilcox and his staff have always been professional and caring. During this time, none of my family was prescribed a prescription pain killer of any sort through his office. When necessary, the doc and office always referred to other professionals (as in when I’ve needed more intensive surgery). Of note, for several years now they have had a large disclaimer/notice in the office that they will not do pain management and will refer to a pain management clinic. It’s a shame that people here attack through rumors or just to talk. I don’t think I’ve met a more personable, caring, professional physician in Beaver County than Dr. Wilcox.

    • iagree with you a hundred percent they did nothing wrong but help many many people with there pain always took blood pressure they raided the wrong office :thumbsup: :thumbsdown:

  • Wife worked at medfast and saw zyboxone prescribed by him and only him in the whole area. And that was as far back as 04. Keeping peeps addicted only fattens the pockets of the street pharmacists.

    • learn how to spell it was none of your wifes business peoples medical records are keep confidential he also detoxed people that wanted to get off hard drugs so do your research before you post your non accreate bull shi- :star:

  • Hey Jeff, grow up! The article is about a doctors office being raided. Then you have to chime in about the CTPD. No correlation at all whatsoever. That dept carries a pretty decent reputation and hasn’t been mentioned at all for wrongdoing or misconduct as other depts have as of late. So put a cork in it

    • If CTPD is so good at what they do, then how could they let this go on right under their noses for so long ? I don’t buy it and no I won’t put a cork in it.

    • its only a HIIPA violation if you talk of a particular individuals private medical information. If you talk in generalities without mentioning particular individuals, its all kosher

  • It’s only breaking hipaa if his wife gave the patients name and healthcare info. She could have just said something along the lines of “Dr. Wilcox sure writes a lot of prescriptions for suboxone.. no hipaa violation there, no-it-alls.

  • I also use Medfast as a pharmacy and I trust that the employees wouldn’t be sharing my prescription information with their spouses! Interesting to know they share information.

    • He didn’t say his wife shared your or anyone else’s personal information honey. He just said his wife sees a lot of Suboxine prescriptions coming from a Dr. Wilcox. What you are trying to do is called deflection.

    • i agree with you amy she spreading the word of things she has no business having her name in i will be giving that pharmacy a call about her into other peoples medical record’s :cry:

      • Go ahead and do that while the pharmacy laughs at you because it was a comment about a doctor not anyone’s personal medical records.

  • Jeff, how do you know how long it’s been going on? What exactly is “it” that’s been going on? You must know something. Why didn’t you ever turn him in? Maybe the police did know and forwarded the info to those would specialize in doctors office investigations. How would anyone know what’s going on in that office unless people come forward. Maybe officers should be posted in every doctors office and pharmacy!! So, yes, cork it

    • Well let’s see . DEA Stands for Drug Enforcement Agency. I don’t think they would be investigating Food Stamp Fraud. A reasonable person would assume drug crime. The DEA doesn’t just swoop in and collect BOXES of materials if “it” hasn’t been going on for some time. They didn’t walk out of there is a single file folder. Please take the time to read the posts from others here. Apparently, quite a few everyday people knew some shady drug activity was going on, but somehow it escaped the attention of local law enforcement ? Come on. Give me a break. The first thing cops should ask someone caught with drugs is “where did you get this ?” and people like to spill the beans to get themselves out of trouble. You are really stretching credibility if you think they called in the DEA. A more reasonable route would have been the PA State Police detectives or the AG. Something in Center Township smells like a rotten Trout.

      • The story above even says that it was a reviewer on Vitals.com that was going to report this to the DEA.

    • Why should I admit that ? I’m sick and tired of watching the taxpayer not get what he is paying for in Beaver County when it comes to law enforcement or anything else coming from local government agencies. Its quite sad really. Then people like the Trout come along and defend them and say everything is just fine with these agencies and that I shouldn’t criticize them. Maybe, I should just take your advice and LOL. I guess it would be better than getting depressed about the situation in BC. With people like the Trout around, things will never change.

  • I’m pretty sure Wilcox was the official doctor for the bcj back when georgie boy was still cheif of security there. ( 2005-2007 ???) Back when the commisioners were investigating drugs being brought into the jail…..remember ? Noone did chit about it even though inmates spoke up. I’m not saying this doctor or georgie boy was involved it….but just my opinion….I wouldn’t doubt it. The county ( or state…I don’t know) spent alot of money on that back then…..most likely just spent it to cover asses and NOT to really get to the bottom of things. Maybe if this was all investigated the right way and handled properly back then, old georgie boy might not even be sherrif today. Might be a few less cops, sherrifs, detectives and judges too. ( oh, lets not forget some magistates) lmao….georgie boy should speak up and start the avalanche….who knows? Maybe he already has. I think he should :-) maybe he’s just too chicken to sleep with the fishies…..

  • I was also was a patient of Dr. Wilcox in the past but this was many years ago before he closed his practice for a couple years and he was always professional but I also know someones life he was responsible for saving and someones he was held resp

  • i been a patients of dr simon wilcox for many many years also my children he knew when you were in pain and how to manage it it didn’t abuse your prescriptions they took drug test to make sure you were taking your medications which any good pain dr would do . his staff was great when you go to a dr for many years they treated you like family knew your name how you were feeling and how your job was going many times i had to leave work to get my prescriptions and they would accomadate my work schdule dr wilcox and his staff are not drug dealers just a great dr who was all about his patients needs not because you walked in there and demanded drugs thats not the way he operated i hope he comes back soon they did nothing wrong what is a patient suppossed to do when i have been on this prescriptions for many years do they think about that dr wilcox always told us never try to come off your medicne by yourself he would help said you could go into withdraws how am i supossed to work and they say go thru withdraw dosn’t sound like something i had planed to do they should get the dea to recomenned a new dr for people like me thats need to keep my pain under controll how am i going to work? and be in pain i dont sit behind a desk i work hard and to have my medicne that dr simon wilcox knew i needed not a drug dealer

    • Linda, if Dr. Wilcox says you need it, it’s in your records and they can be transferred to any other GP around. The doctors office will call prescriptions in to the pharmacy and you just go there to pick them up. It’s really a simple procedure that many people do on a regular basis. UNLESS you’re one of the special cases that the doctor has to handle. I’m sure everything will work out for you once they find Dr. Wilcox was wrongfully targeted in this investigation. In the meantime, I would suggest you find another qualified M.D. to take care of your needs.

    • Wow Linda! How addicted to those pain meds are you? There are pain management doctors that you should be seeing for that NOT a family physician. Something is shady with your situation and is probably one of the reasons why Wilcox had federal agents visiting his office on Friday.

  • In my 26 years of being a patient of Dr. Wilcox’s, never have I heard any “rumours” involving drug dealing or anything of that nature. Dr. Wilcox has been my personal care physician, not a “pain management doctor” and he has always been a caring, concerned man. Same with his staff.

    In 26 years that I have known Dr. Wilcox, he has not only been my physician, but my friend and extended family. You will never meet a man with greater integrity, care, and concern for his patients. I will continue to stand by Dr. Simmon L Wilcox, while this rumour mill & conjectures get laid to rest.

  • I just can’t believe the ignorance of some people. All this is is rumors and lies. I’ve been a patient of Dr.Wilcox for 17 years now, and the doctor and his staff are the most professional and caring people I know. Dr. Wilcox was my fathers doctor, my father past away 6 years ago. When my father got ill he was put in the hospital, and Dr. Wilcox was there every day to make sure he was ok, to you people that don’t know him that’s the kind of caring person he is. ( a drug dealer) doesn’t give a shit about anyone, and that isn’t the case with dr.Wilcox. I don’t know a doctor that ever did that.And my father loved him and his staff they have treated our family with nothing but kindness and respect. It’s a shame that people that just hear rumors and don’t know these wonderful people, can say(drug dealer). You definitely don’t know this doctor at all.

  • Federal agents always target doctors who have integrity. Keep drinking the kool-aid Wilcox patients.

    • You need to go see someone for your never ending period….these people are simply sticking up for their doctor….you don’t know linda she could have a very serious problem… why are you attacking her and the rest of these people…Here I’ll speak the truth….stop arguing with people or find a man to argue with …..or find a job….that is a productive way to kill time.

      • And don’t bother replying back I’m not interested in a debate with you….I’ll be doing something more productive like church…

      • Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…..Whatever tough guy.

    • why dont you drink it so we dont have to listen to your crap leave this alone if you weren’t even a patient of dr wilcox :upset: :upset:

  • I wanna know who r u to say what Linda needs. And who should be treating her. Are u a doctor. Dr. Simmon Wilcox went to school for years to become a doctor his record speaks for itself. Just because idiots talk on the street and go to doctors for the wrong reasons doesn’t make him a bad doctor. There are people who do illegal things every day, but there are people who just want to do the right thing. And from experience I was in a pain management doctor for years because of some asswhole who liked playing with guns shot me while I was walking down the street. The bullet is still in my spine. I tried every option you can imagine, and been stuck every where with needles to take the pain in my back away. The end result is that for me the pain meds do take the pain away, better than anything I’ve tried and I have tried and tried. No one wants to be in pain constantly. After years of pain management, my pain doctor said it would be ok for my primary doctor to prescribe my meds. So it wasn’t my primary doctor who decided what I got it was pain management. So before you judge people, know what they have been through.

  • There are a few things I’d like to say first is,God bless you Dr.Wilcox and staff. In 2000 I was in a car accident hit and run. I almost lost my life. While in the hospital they set me up with pain management. I was there for almost 2 months. While on there I was constantly on pain meds not just one but many, I never did a drug in my life. When I was discharged the pain management doctor sent me home with prescriptions and a drug problem. Not once did the pain doctor tell me what Happens when you take pain meds on a consistent basis. She had me on so much medicine I couldn’t talk. So that’s my experience with pain management specialist. That’s when I met Dr.Wilcox a friend Refered me, at that time I still couldn’t get around, I had a hospital bed at home, and couldn’t get around with my children. I called a few other doctors but they either couldn’t see me for months or they couldn’t accommodate me. I called dr.wilcox’s office and explained to the nurse my situation. She said she would call me back. Not 15 minutes later I received a call back. It was the doctors office Dr. Wilcox would not only see me the same week, he would make a home visit because of my situation. When he came, he was very compassionate,and straight to the point. He looked at the meds that I was prescribed, he looked very serious and said, that extremely a lot of pain medication. He eliminated two of the pain meds immediately. And told me he had to leave me on one because, I’d have bad withdrawal problems. He contacted the pain management doctor and we went from there. He is still my doctor and I wouldn’t change that for nothing. When I see the things that are being said about him it’s unbelievable. What kind of people are you hanging around that talk that way. I think if anything the pain management doctor should of been investigated. I will stick behind him and everyone at that office. And sir I don’t drink kool-aid

    • There is nothing racial at all about that comment. Educate yourself or do a quick Google search if you don’t know what it means.

      • You knew this right….it’s funny that the wiki site was updated in Feb after the term was used several times on this site prior to that date….and I’m confident this is the first your hearing about it…,,thanks JP for throwing you a bone…

      • Which means you have know idea why that meant …..only what you thought it meant…..

      • Sorry sweetheart. I’ve been using that term for years. See, I read a lot, and I’m quite educated. It is often used in political debates such as drinking the democratic or republican kool-aid. As a matter of fact, read any political article on the internet today, then read the comments to the article. There will be thousands of comments about drinking the democratic or republican kool-aid.

        Nice try though. The ability of Beaver Countians to deflect, change, and interpret comments based on their lack of education, lack of reading comprehension, or to push their own agenda never ceases to amaze me.

  • I am amazed at how J.P.’s generosity in providing this open forum has been so monopolized by mental midgets whose lack of thought, investigation, and communication skills would henceforth have found no other opportunity for publication than on the walls of public restrooms.

    I was treated by Dr. Wilcox, twice, many years ago and found him to be a physician and human being with whom I would entrust my life. This is only speculation on my part of what the REAL reason behind the Feds’ raid on his office is all about, but it’s based on an educated and ominous observation I made awhile back about the good doctor when I learned of his philosophy regarding the healing arts.

    Dr. Wilcox is one of the few and rare medically-trained and licensed individuals who has dared to believe in and study, even abroad, alternative and holistic approaches to health and wellness which is a “no-no” within the “concensus medicine” community of the AMA and, also, the FDA, DEA, and all the other “alphabet” governmental and pseudo-governmental associations which get paid-off by big-pharma to maintain the status quo. I have anticipated for some time that he would have to suffer repercussions for his integrity.

    Dr. Wilcox wants people to be healthy and well – the professional medical community and its complicit “regulators” do not! There’s no money in it (or, at least, not trillions of $$)! E.g., there are natural cures and preventions for cancer – but you get “squealed on” for telling others about them, whether you’re a physician or not, and the wrath of corporate “big brother” and accompanying trumped-up charges will come down on you so hard that you’ll wish you were facing “only” a 1st degree murder allegation.

    Whether or not my speculation turns out to be true, the fact of the matter is, and this is NOT speculation or opinion, Chief Barry Kramer and his Center Township P.D. betrayed not only Dr. Wilcox and Morry David (property owner) but also all other law-abiding citizens within their jurisdiction when they willingly aided and abetted a foreign power in breaking and entering the premises in controversy. Yes, the federal governmental agencies, relegated to the District of Columbia, U.S. possessions, territories, forts, federal enclaves, etc., are foreign to and have no jurisdiction within the individual, sovereign 50 states of America. That’s why they have to rely upon ignorant local and state police and sheriffs dazzled by all their “federal” regalia to “accompany” them on their escapades and fishing expeditions. Don’t believe me? Then do some study!

    Chief Kramer & Co. have violated their binding oaths of office and should be immediately ousted from the authority they so eagerly violated to impress the “big boys” from D.C., and all other corporate “law enforcement” agencies should take heed. The elected township commissioners and state legislators now have the ball in their court to see that this is done or they, too, commit the same betrayal of their sworn duty. And may we all step forward in support of Dr. Wilcox if this is just a fascist crusade to destroy an honest American who has the courage to stand against tyranny!

    P.S.: Holding all of our so-called public “officials” accountable to this same standard would end all the horse shit that’s going on in Beaver County, Harrisburg, and Washington.

  • I would like to know if the “kool-aid” tonic in question includes cyanide, arsenic, and phenobarbital? Is it mixed with pineapple and vodka?

    And does the ceremony with said “kool aid” conclude with draping oneself in purple cloth?

  • Here’s the skinny. It is entirely possible that CTPD did know what was going on. An on-going investigation that is. It can take 2 years sometimes to get enough solid info for a conviction. They are watching the little fishes for a while to catch the big fish. The local law inforcement officers don’t have the undercover guys or the finances to handle a collar that big. The locals are our protectors you owe them your respect. They can’t tell you what is going on with an on-going investigation so give them a break. There could be twenty people involved. All getting ther comings and goings monitered. Everyone is innocent untill proven guilty and I can see some folks can’t imagine this to be true from first hand knowledge of this Doc. However, you have to have a real medical practice for a front to maintain the back-room stuff. He isn’t dealing to his legitamate patients (decent folks). He may be a supplier to dealers not patients. The whole thing is a can of can of worms…when it rains it pours and when it rains all the worms float to the top.

    • Right tallcoolone, so we should respect our protectors ? You mean we should respect Sheriff David, the 2 idiot Ambridge Cops that beat the crap out of that guy and got convicted in Federal court, the Baden cop that went to jail for boy loving, the idiot from Beaver that said he was going to hurt himself after his girlfriend found out he wasn’t going to leave his wife, the Ohioville Chief charged with Forgery and Theft, the Cop from Aliquippa that stole the shot gun, the Marion township cop that took a bribe for letting a guy out of a DUI and all the other ones that I can’t remember right now that went to jail or got fired for violating the law ? Yeah, I will get right on respecting all of those guys.

  • Buzzkill, those guys were obviously in the wrong. But you mentioned 8 cops. There’s probably 200-300 total cops in this county. Please don’t characterize the masses by the actions of a small percentage. If you called 911 right now, one of them will be there to help. Regardless if you hate them or not. Stereotyping is what has made this country what it is.

    • Luna, that is all I could remember at the time. There are many many more. I think the Beaver County Police Departments and Sheriff’s department need to clean up their acts. Oh yeah and speaking of the Sheriff’s department. There was Deputy Butt Wipe David who was bowling, drunk with no pants on while on duty. Remember that one ? LOL.

  • If you have that much knowledge of all county departments, you must run into a lot of cops. Wonder why? And get your facts straight. U got a twisted story there.

    • No, I just read the morning paper to find out what the police are up to and which one is in trouble at the time. I don’t run into cops. They are too busy texting while driving so I try to avoid them. Oh, and straighten me out on the story. There have been so many versions that I can’t remember them all. Pretty embarrassing for him and his department either way.

  • Buzzkill, I’ts obvious that this sheriff has angered you,and your not alone. but, I also see that his issues have come to light. This is an elected positon is it not? I have heard all the things you talk about and I also see that he has been re-elected time after time. Maybe his paty or political backers have no further use for him and he will not be elected again? Hopefuly this guys reign will be over. I have heard mixed remarks for the Docter, but, all negative for the sheriff. You will find a bad apple in every job or profession. Even the clergy. Human beings with issues are everywhere. But, police officers are being executed for coming to someones house because a woman is getting beat up, or a nut is holding a hostage in a bank. Cops are risking their lives every day to save someone. They are the first responders at a fire call and I have personally witnessed one run into a burning building to get a kid out with no fire protective suit or equipment. Why, because he got there before the firetruck and couldn’t stand to wait just a few more seconds. To this day he has health issues. With out a mask, smoke can mess upyour lungs in very little time. Money is the route of most evil ( I think the rest are just plain nuts.). Don’t blame all cops for the bad few. It takes a special person to run to danger instead of away from it. Do you blame all guys for the one rapist you saw on the news. Do you think all women are sluts because of hookers. In the past few years these things have come to light about our county in the news, so I hope because of news media like the Beavercountian, reporting these types of articles, maybe “bad apples ” in every profession will think twice. And their investigative articles give us the “red flag” not to re- elect Mr. Bad Apple again and again.

  • I love how an article about a doctor’s office raid turns into a debate about the cops and the sheriff. UNBIASED Baha


  • I saw the guy last year because I ws told that if you go to him he can help you with weight loss. Many people I know had gone to him for Adipex. I myself went there for the same reason. Adipex is a drup that many physicians will not prescribe due to its being a kind of methapmphetamine and beind very addictive. But I was also told that he will give it to you if you just ask him (in other words if you ask, then he will provide) I had some concerns about this philosophy in a physician, but at the same time I really wanted to lose weight so I went to him anyway. When I arrived for my appointment the office would not accept ANY insurance and asked for a cash payment of a little over two hundred dollars. I went in and was seen by him and told him what I wanted and he wrote for some labs and gave me the presciptions. I had the labs done that day and it too over a months for me to get the results after calling and calling and getting no answer and leaving multiple messages. When I DID get the labs back I couldnt get an appointment to go over them. I finally just stopped taking what he prescribed and went to another physician. I work in the medical community and I can tell you that Dr. Wilcox, while being very nice in the office, does have very unusual office practices and the whole thing seemed awfully sketchy to me. There was something not right about a doctor who will not take insurance and asks for cash payments only. They ended up taking my debit card as payment, but a few weeks later I had a bunch of fraudulent charges on my card from europe. I disputed them and got my money back, but I always thought that it was his office that did it. Now that I read this I whole heartedly believe it was his office. So that is MY personal experience with him, make of it what you will.


  • I’ve been Dr.Wilcox patient for years. He accepted my insurance. He didnt except welfare insurance.


  • Morry was seen outsisde the building because he owns the building. I think the renter has already been evicted.

  • My now ex-husband has been a patient of Dr Wilcox for years and started while we were still married. He started to see Dr. Wilcox because a friend said “he will give u whatever pain meds u ask for”. My then husband is an alcoholic and prescription-drug abuser. He was prescribed Oxycodone and muscle relaxers every 30 days. He would take that 30-day supply in less than week washing them down with alcohol while home with our 1 and 3 year old when I was working I spoke to Dr Wilcoxs office on numerous occasions and wrote letters for a paper trail advising that my husband was not able to regulate the use of these types of medications and this was jeapordizing my children’s safety. The prescriptions kept being written. Dr. Wilcox also completed Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) paperwork for over 7 years now so if my now ex husband doesn’t feel like going to work at the U S. Postal Service he doesn’t have to and he CANNOT be fired. No Dr with any ethics would do the things Dr Wilcox has done. This was so long overdue. All the people that are here praising this Quack have just been very fortunate that his unethical practices didn’t have an affect on their lives as those practices had on mine. I’m relieved and pray Dr Wilcox never practices medicine again

  • Your Dr has been busted in Utah and after reading of his charges I was directed to this article. It’s amazing to me that people will staunchly support their Dr just because the Dr has treated YOU well. I have had many great doctors but who really knows what they may be “practicing” on the side.