Blue Steel Club One Of Two Monaca Bars Shut Down By State Police Last Night


Agents with the Pennsylvania State Police’s Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement division shut down two Monaca bars yesterday, including the Blue Steel which has been the center of recent controversies within the community.

Sources tell the Beaver Countian that law enforcement officials were conducting saturation patrols throughout Beaver County last night, including in New Brighton and Monaca.

Monaca Police and State Troopers, along with State and Beaver County Parole Officers, conducted spot checks of bars in Monaca as part of the operation. Agents reportedly shut down both the Blue Steel and P Dub’s Sports Bar & Grille after discovering their health licenses were expired.

The licenses will have to be reissued by Monaca Borough before the establishments can reopen.

The Blue Steel has come under heavy criticism by some residents of Monaca over recent months due to a series of incidents that originated in and around the club, including a recent beating that was captured on a cellphone video. Monaca Police charged 6 men with felony Aggravated Assault last week in connection with the attack.

Update: While the State shut P Dub’s down last night due to an expired health license, Monaca Borough had apparently made an error and issued them a license with an incorrect expiration date on it. Monaca Borough corrected the error and the bar was reopened tonight.


    • Ambridge didn’t have to wait for the State Police, DA, or anybody else. There was a shooting at the Colonial Grill Saturday night and tonight (Tuesday), Council voted to revoke their occupancy permit. GOODBYE

  • Overstep of police authority. This is clearly an attempt to intimidating a legitimate business. They pay their taxes to Monaca like every other business.

  • OK The bars are shut down!!! Where are the thugs who started the fight? They are the ones who need to be held responsible for there actions.

    • This is why you revoke their occupancy permit…Then you do a full-blown inspection on the building…With the right inspector…you never open again.

  • Well then the colonial in ambridge should go just as well. if there are incidents of senseless violence stemming from these establishments they should all be shut. I understand the trouble will move to other locations. Hopefully they can be handled better in all cases.

    • The Colonial is gone….without the State Police or the DAs intervention. The Boro Council revoked their occupancy permit.

  • If you can’t behave and act like adults not like little punks trying to show authority what ever happened to simply having a enjoyable night out with friends. These bars have been warned many times by both LCB & police so time has come keep them closed permanently.

  • p dubbs just forgot there good people and never issues there, now blue steel is just an thug mansion and its always been an boiling point waiting for something to errupt or errect, blue steel will have an hardtime getting that liscence approved due to the issues going on…funny that blue steel is supposly owned by the same owner that owns chrome down in wv, where there is always problems and raids of that club, maybe there should be an long process of letting club owners in certain areas, instead of just letting them open shop up right away!!!

  • WTF? Anonymous, you have to be the dumbest, no spelling asshole I have ever seen on this site. How the fuck did you get out of third grade?

  • All of these young wannabe gangsters can’t face reality. … they are acting tough with there shitty vocabulary and 5 on 1 fights. Instead of worrying about finding a good job and joining society. It a steams from the bottom end baby boomers that didn’t raise their children correctly and modern day media injecting fantasy into everything everywhere. Bar owners need to protect their business by keeping the trash on the curb.

  • This has nothing to do with customers . This was LCB all over the county . Not just monaca !! LCB was all over the county last night checking business’s

  • Maybe they should check before they are so willing to give out the liscense to sell their product and open a bar I blame I on the city the so want the revenue but not the responsibility

  • We received updated information about P Dubs… The state shut them down last night due to an expired health license. Monaca Borough had apparently made an error and issued them a license with an incorrect expiration date on it. Monaca Borough corrected their error this morning and the bar is back open tonight.

  • C’mon man to say pdubs are angels is fiction. The real owner has two junkyards in pa n ohio. The manager who calls his self the owner He loves his drugs and being a sleeve ball stalker to every female that patron the bar.all the big dope pusher loaf in there from rochy and other side of the river.

  • Because of this error now p dubs will be all over the news. Lets double check our work before blasting peoples buinesses online. Once its on here it will never disapear.

  • Blue steel is were the thugs that ruined the Barn House, then Armandos and now Blue steel ..the blacks that shoot up everything are the problem. They need to stay in their own towns like aliqqippa and beaver falls…their nothing but uncuoth animals that should be in cages

  • The state shut P Dubs down. That did happen. It’s not P Dubs fault nor the Beaver Countian. It’s the boroughs fault. Chastise them not the reporting agency.

  • Unfortunately closing the blue steel might seem like a good thing, but other bars get ready for the stupid crowd that goes there. These idiots will just move to another bar. Best thing the steel should do is just turn it into a pool hall.

  • I blame the management at the blue steel all she is worried about is people losing their jobs what about the people that almost lost their lives.they let people run a board that know absolutely nothing about management just because they flipped a few drinks and their day does not make him employee of the year. If you cannot control your crowd there’s something wrong.a drop can always be replaced a life cannot. This coming from the woman that quote unquote hates drugs so bad yet she lets it in her bar.why not get your family members kids or nieces and nephews behind that bar and you tell me if you feel safe. I live 5 doors down and it’s terrible to hear the beatings that take place outside every is totally management’s fault nobody else they’re the ones in charge of that bar and run a bar

    • Apparently your blind to your surroundings, there is many houses in Monaca that sell drugs. The bars around there also have many fights, lets start with the stabbing that happened at the bar across the street from Blue Steel, they have had fights, oh lets not forget about the brawl at Pdubs when the had MMA fight review down there. but hey, seems like all bars have their share of fights. Blue Steel takes every precaution with six bouncers, they wand, pat down for drugs and weapons to make it safe for everyone. And maybe hold the person who started the fight responsible for his actions, he is the one who head-butted the man first and then throwing the “N” word around, well when he was outside he had plenty of time to leave but wait he wanted to stick around and throw the “N” word around more and fight, let me just say if I’m a white person using racist words waiting for all the blacks to come out and wanting to fight them…. So when u have a chance to leave I think you should leave… and granted I don’t believe he should of been kicked like that it was wrong… And the bar is has one of the best management in there they ever have… but hey Blue Steel will never be its going to be leased out by a hometown person so everyone can calm down now there will no longer be a hip hop club…. Its going to be more country and older rock.. And before you open voice your opinion look in your own back yard and start cleaning that up first…..

  • I personally remember her getting thrown out of many many bars for starting trouble. you in dating drug addics and they that her run a business. this is not what is wrong in this town.

  • back before the new owners took over they actually had a great manager and great staff. the girl that used to run it had bands and great entertainment and they had a great crowd. too bad the new owners never tried to get that staff and keep it the way it was successful and fun.. they must of never heard if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.. instead all they cared about was making money and not care about the people.. such a shame they ruined a place that used to be fun and safe to hang out at for great entertainment just to try to fatten their pocket book!

  • Love when people talk and really don’t know what they are talking about. It’s easy to
    Pass the blame but know the full story before you speak. Bottom line people don’t know how to act.

  • It is really time for people to look in the mirror. It’s far from the bars,taverns and lounges fault. It’s the people or the crowd that goes in these places. There is about 6 or 7 places this same crowd has destroyed these local watering holes. These same crowds have no class or manners. They don’t tip they light up blunts they sale drugs they have no respect on how people are trying to make a living. Note to everybody beaver county is full of scumbags who destroy everything in there path in a pursuit of a good time. I’m tired of hearing that the owners are the problems it’s simple it’s the pathetic people of all parts of beaver county.

  • Bars are not clubs you can I No way choose who comes in to your place so as all you future bar rescuers sit here and tell everyone what’s wrong with these bars and how they should be fixed the people that own a lot of places are actually struggling to keep it clean at their places paul from p dubs may have a slight temper and go off the wall from time to time but a drug user?! He wouldn’t know what to do with a drug if there was kne in front of him!! Sounds like he stool ur girl Rochy for life and ur butt hurt about the guy!!

  • I actually like Pdubs

    the owner of license is a phony wannabe that brags about bring he dont got
    rolling with his life savings in his pocket

    but bar is okay tv for games the best food okay, most workers are decent, few skanks
    but Hey

    the best part it’s free game to run business only action from those who got shit or need our autograph. lol few owners need to be real owners and get rid of the low life’s that roll in with twenty to there name and cause create and attract trouble to move on


    today they made right and Boro made right all good in the hood

    lol lol lol

    Fucking fudge

    everyone remain calm medium level and hanging fruit dealers will have place to run game… as owner impersonate Jack ass mtv hero’s with glasses and dirty look

  • You can’t take it out on the bar. There a legit bios ness. If a fight broke out at walmart should we shut walmart down? No we punish the thug not the business

  • Those places got shut down, the hoods went to ambridge and guess what?! 3 people got shot the same night over there.

  • the hub? boom? What are you two slaked jawed mouth breathers talking about. Do you even speak English or are you from another country? My God as a country we have no Hope. Thank God Obama is here to rescue idiots like these. Keep slanging dem stamp bags yo.

  • I would like to know how they’re going to manage this bar when the manager itself has a bad name. Miss Tharp has to be one of the most biggest butt holes in Monaca. she turned her us in at Celeste over a salami sandwich. Then she has the audacity to walk in there with her she is trying to turn this into a ratio things because she is managing the bar this has nothing to do with the N word or being patted down it has to do with the thugs that she left walk in that doorshe knows nothing about management just like she knew nothing about her studies in high school. You tell me what manager would go from bar to bar slashing other companies..when she let the biggest coke head in her bar aka lumpy.

  • if there is one of the most unsteady bartenders in that bar when her son is sitting in juvenile hall for drugs at the age of 15

  • P-dubs is a nice place…. I have been there multiple times and have never been treated badly or feared for my well being. It pulls in a nice crowed of young people and even people my age. The food is great, and it’s a fun place to watch a game other than Zookies. I would not think twice about going.

    Not to mention as an involved Monaca citizen, I can say the owner of P-dubs has made multiple contributions to the community. Mr. Miller has contributed to the midget football banquets, and helped purchase letterman jackets. All last year once a month donated he donated a days food sales to the Central Valley football team. If I remember correctly he donated or sponsored food for CV football camp and sponsored a softball and co-ed team. He also donated a limo for use at Central Valley’s winter formal last week.

    From the correction made by this site in the comment section, I see that the problem was not with p dubs license, it was a mistake made by the boro of Monaca.

    The problem with the blue steel is not an expired license, it is that we do not need a full blown club right in the middle of our town. It brings people from different towns into one area; add alcohol into the equation and you have an extremely volatile situation. Whether it’s because of some white kid dropping an “n” bomb, some black kid setting up or ripping off his cuz, or two old men having football rivalry, the reason doesn’t matter. If you have a big place with small minded people it’s going to explode. I believe all the problems could of been controlled with better management, but I for one am glad to see it closed and hope to see it gone or down sized.

  • I happen to know for a fact that miss Tharp is still at Celeste to this day.. Plus has no police record and has never been in trouble. Shes not the one to blame its the people that go into the bar and don’t no how to act. I have been there on the weekends and she is always working down Celeste . So if u are going to say mean things about her get your facts right . You should not talk about things if you don’t no what your talking about. Leave the girl alone she is trying to make a different and anyone who knows her knows she is a kind person.

    First off the problem is not with white girls and black guys, its always with white guys and black guys. (go figure out why). Although I don’t like to talk about race, there is a certain “element” that always ruins bar business. Never have I seen a bar in beaver county succeed (sustain a long period of business success) that had mixed races in it. WHY? Because of the “bad element” of both colors. When your business lets in the trash element from both colors, it fails and never comes back to succeed: (ie: Armando’s in Rochester, the sports bar in the old northern lights in Baden, Good Spirits in Chippewa, Best Cellar in Beaver Falls, Humphries at the BV Mall, Thursdays in Bridgewater) just to name a few. You play modern hip hop dance music and that invites “the bad element” (whites dat wanna be a bro, the white racists marking their territory, blacks looking for white women, and all the drug thugs) and what comes with it. No dance bar will succeed now a days because of drugs, guns, element, and low life white trash. It happens in Pittsburgh too – same thing. So in closing, the crowd will disburse until another bar owner gets a bright idea to have a night club in Beaver County. Trying to do the right thing, but getting burned in the end by the “element”.

    • Bars for young fool. many good club in monaca aliquipaa . cheap food and drink, only have to pay cheap dues. no punks coming in. You peoples try PNA Club, VFWs, Ukraniian, Serbian, AIC Club, Elk club, Turner club,Croation, Lesbenese,American Legion, SOI Club. Good peoples, no troubles. Have couple drink talk eat dance go home.

      • right on target T-Bird67!!! Me wann’um find’em good woman with job – me go to private club. Drink plenty, talk, dance, no trouble, go to tee pee with good woman, she shine totem pole, become my squaw some day if do good job cleanin tee pee & totem pole, sewing & cooking . Make warrior proud!

  • miss tharpe is a good woman. shes one of the reasons celestes is still open. the blue steel will have a new name and new attitude here shortly. its goin to work and the town of monaca will be able to enjoy a good bar with good music food and atmosphere

    • No. to many troubles. to much danger for peoples and police. to many young bum can no hold drink. Go to Monaca turner club and vfw. good peolple and no problems