Beaver Countian Named Finalist In Golden Quill Awards For Journalism


The Beaver Countian has been named as a finalist in the Press Club of Western Pennsylvania’s 49th Golden Quill Awards. The prestigious annual competition recognizes professional excellence in written, photographic, broadcast and online journalism in the twenty-nine counties comprising Western Pennsylvania.

The Beaver Countian was named a finalist in two categories, including online spot/breaking news for “Fireman Injured Battling House Fire In Freedom“, and feature reporting for our investigative work in “Hiring Practices Of Sheriff’s Office May Violate State Law.”

The Golden Quill Awards are being judged out-of-the-region by nationally recognized journalism professionals, and will be presented on Monday, May 13, at the Sheraton Station Square.

Fireman Terry Specht being helped by medics – February 26, 2012 / photo by John Paul


    • As a alleged victim of the sheriff, wouldn’t that automatically disqualify JP as a Journalist according to the ethic code?

  • Shouldn’t “Journalist” be Bias?

    Did they see the “Nigger Pants” story yet?

    Is this gonna be another time JP will get laughed out of the room?

  • Well well contrary to some beliefs of just being a blogger, journalist it is and now proof has risen.

    Good job , great site, keep up the good work it surely looks like your peers and others have taken notice.

  • Well, congratulations to you John Paul. Jobs well done. So obviously, writers with knowledge are aware of youR excellance in your journalism. So, for those folks out there that condemn you, well, maybe they should take some courses in journalism. In their face. Maybe the folks from the BCT should take lessons from you. KEEP UP THE WONDERFUL WORK. That’s how we, the tax paying citizens of Beaver County get to really know what goes on in this county and in the courthouse. It’s called INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM. :thumbsup:

  • Maybe the BC Times should let JD Prose be a little more investigative instead of buckling under to sheriff David’s threat to withhold sheriff sale notice revenue if Prose writes anything negative about him

  • @avi88 My favorite internet tough guy. I believe a story about racism involving a law enforcement agency is news worthy. Please crawl back under your rock and stop wasting seconds of my life….punk

  • Congrats, JP! Well deserved and I am crossing my fingers that you will soon be a winner of the golden quill award.

  • Well get out your tape measure you punk. avi88 you go on these day long bitch fits cause you don’t like the author. Know one cares, your just to stupid to see that. You and many others may not like him, but that doesnt change the FACT that he is a good journalist.

    • It would seem that you care what I say & as of right now my comment about ethics (that JP wouldn’t let be posted at first) has a positive rating.

      • Keep up the good average avi….you’re leading the league in minus ratings of comments.

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  • I come in peace. Guess your down to 7 cells left. Besides, JP is the voice of the voiceless. There is no censorship here.

  • now the ? is will he have to divulge where he got the emails from for the ohioville police issue. You know the pictures of the emails the chief sent to his employees and you posted in an article. Will say one thing good about JP even though I like to give him crap he was the one that actually had info about the ohioville issue and the sheriff that the times would not report or reported very little :thumbsup:

  • CONGRATULATIONS JOHN PAUL, You are a great writer…. you deserve to win, your stories are simply the best, I am addicted to your web sight and I am very happy I now know things I could of never imagined and you brought them to light. As a taxpayer and voter I’m very grateful that you keep us so informed, AMAZING, I’ve learned so much that no one else would have the guts to write. You have exposed the good the bad and the ugly that other people have been sweeping under the rug for years… KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK… I’LL BE READING…….

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  • Comgratulations John Paul. Continue the,great investigative reporting. Whenever I want real news, I read the Beaver Countian.

  • JP, How do you feel when these sheep talk about how you don’t censor anybody? Do you laugh like I do or do you feel at ease because you know your readers will eat anything right out of your hand? They believe those pants would fit a 6’7″ man just because you said so, not a single one took a second to look at the pants & make up their own minds.

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    I should just stop, I’m killing your readers brain cells by using logic…

    • I was once a fan but soon realized JP is worse than the Times. So I can tell you that JP’s followers are a handful of confused individuals.I noticed some intelligent fans are no longer making comments. Where did they go? Most people are disgusted with the Beaver Countian. And of course he censors the comments.