Audit Shows Sheriff David’s Illegal Gun Permit Discounts Cost Taxpayers Over $13,000

Sheriff David tosses out candy during a parade / Beaver Countian file photo

Sheriff David tosses out candy during a parade / Beaver Countian file photo

Sheriff David has been illegally handing out free and discounted concealed carry gun permits for years, a routine audit released today by Controller David Rossi has determined. The audit confirms an investigative report published by the Beaver Countian back in July, which showed that Sheriff David had been providing the favors for friends and political cronies.

Sheriff David’s activities were first exposed by a confidential journalistic source who provided this publication with a secretly recorded video from the Sheriff’s Office. The video showed David illegally giving a $1 concealed carry gun permit to Raymond Dushac, who could be heard offering to testify as a character witness for him.

Fees for permits are dictated by state law as $5 for the application and an additional $15 fee upon successful issuance of the permit. Of those fees, $1 goes to the state with the rest being earmarked for the county. By collecting $1 for the permits, Sheriff David was able to pass routine audits conducted by state auditors, who primarily concern themselves with the Commonwealth’s portion of the funds.

After the Beaver Countian published details about Sheriff David’s abuse of public funds, he contacted the District Attorney’s Office alleging he was simply pretending to break the law when caught on video in order to entrap one of his secretaries.

But Controller Rossi’s audit confirms the Beaver Countian’s initial reports, that Sheriff David has indeed been illegally providing free and reduced gun permits to select individuals for years.

“During [2010 - 2012], we observed that several gun permits were issued for fees less than those legally prescribed. Approximately 47 permits were issued at no charge and 370 at less than the required fee. Additionally, an estimated 178 denied applicants were either not charged or refunded their fee payment, as opposed to collecting $5 per application,” wrote Controller Rossi in the audit. “During the years 2008 and 2009 we found that approximately 30 permits were issued at no charge and another 396 applicants were charged less than the $20 or $5 fee, as appropriate.”

The audit concluded that Sheriff David’s illegal discounts had cost taxpayers $13,133 since 2008.

Citing confidentiality provisions under state law which protect the identity of those obtaining concealed carry gun permits from public disclosure, Controller Rossi declined to name any of the individuals who were given discounts by Sheriff David.

But confidential sources have helped the Beaver Countian piece together a few of those names, including: President Judge John McBride, Chief County Detective Joseph Fennych, State Representative Jim Christiana and one of his campaign staffers Jennifer Price. Sheriff David also illegally gave a free permit to his attorney and political crony Myron Sainovich.

Sources say these names represent just a fraction of the politically influential people who were illegally given discounts by Sheriff David.

“The law department has been given a copy of the audit report by Controller Rossi and is going through it to determine what issues we need to discuss with the Commissioners,” County Solicitor Joseph Askar told the Beaver Countian.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, this reporter is a named victim in criminal charges filed against Sheriff George David by the Pennsylvania State Police.


  • Wow….13K sure does buy a lot of friends and favors.

    Also, isn’t stealing 13,000 dollars tantamount to grand larceny? Well, there’s one more charge to add to the ever growing list of charges he’s racking up, WHILE BEING OUT ON BOND.
    This alone should violate his bond, but the spineless commissioners and judges won’t do anything about it. It’s just more of the same old bullshit we are used to hearing day in and day out.

    • More uninformed speak from Nikki. I think you better read what violates a bond and how it is specific to the issue. The Commissioners can do something if someone violates their bond? Most people as uninformed as you have the sense to keep quit so others don’t know. Perhaps you should swear more? Spike

  • How about all the people he denied ccw licenses I have a DUI on my record from 5 years ago and he told me I have to pay a bunch of money to get it off my record even tho a DUI is not on the back of the form of reasons why your not allowed to have a ccw. That’s a national law not a corrupt beaver county law He needs to go!

    • What needs to happen is the Sheriff should be sued in his personal and professional capacity both and made to pay damages from his pocket. My case is an example. If I don’t sue him all that happens is he must give back my permit. There is a saying you cannot be a victim without your own participation and if we do nothing it will continue. I have only had a few inquiries regarding a class action against the Sheriff. With 300 aggrieved only a few will sue? Its not like it would be hard to win especially against Sainovich. A judicial determination already exists and anyone who knows anything about law would understand how important that is in a cause of action such as this. We need to all understand what is going on is a result of us doing nothing but complaining. Perhaps if the people on this site who complain about what I do would spend that time doing something it would inspire them to be doers and not talkers. Spike

      • I would urge everyone that has had their rights violated in a permit issue by the Sheriff and doesn’t want me to represent them get hold of Attorney Prince. Or do what I do file against him pro se as I won easily. 1 law suit is worth many thousands of complaints as they are meaningless. Spike

  • Why can’t any citizen of Beaver County place him under citizens arrest for theft of funds that should be used to benefit the residents of this county?

  • Probably y they could’ve find my permit when they thought I was lying in 02 but ya I’m the bad guy I think it’s more than just the top that’s corrupt. Police dept still has a pistol of mine for no reason

  • At least Controller Rossi does his job and is willing to call out this criminal Sheriff David unlike District Attorney Berosh who is a manpussy.

  • AHHHHH is this every going to stop?

    The next article should be what has he done right since taking office.

    Each permit should carry the same charges of abuse of power and using taxpayer funds to for political benefit (ie) VEON, LaGrotta and orie sisters.

    What a disgrace.. if candy wasn’t in picture he looks like he giving the hell Hitler salute…

    • If there was going to be an article on the things he has done correctly since taking office, well, it would be a very short one.

      Is two, maybe three sentences considered an “article”? That’s probably all you would be able to get, regarding him.

  • Remember the comp time scandal?

    he said there wasn’t any comp time in department told reporters administration ranking deputy testified then………… the county paid around 20k for unused comp time….

  • I do not understand why there is a constant story of corruption against the Sheriff. Go after the taxpayers thief who thinks and has said “I am God” the fat rat in the lower valley. Ripped off taxpayers forever in a distressed community. Come on check him and his cronnies out !! Must be afraid of him

  • I want to know is how does the sheriff get away with all this. when I lived in Beaver County the sheriff’s office secured the courthouse and guarded prisoners. why does he have so much power. I understand that he is an elected official. so I don’t think any of the people that are in his party or going to do anything. but where is the state attorney general? no one should be placed above the law especially those that are elected to enforce the laws. so sad to see this is what my county has become. I’m happy that there is a competing newspaper in the county. because even when I lived in the county. The Beaver County Times slept a lot of stuff up under the rug . good luck Beaver County

    • I disagree, Barney was a harmless funny character when the Sheriff is a serious violent criminal. Spike

  • Ok I got to call this out. If the money is not collected for the county how does this cost taxpayers? Is it for the processing fees? I just see it as the county getting screwed not the taxpayer. The state apparently got screwed out of 77 dollars but the rest of that audit leaves too much to the imagination.

  • @ Dean then you really dont it.

    He is elected by us working for us.

    the money would go to county which is used to offset cost of things like his department, records improvement, processing workers ect.

    that is our money he gives away to select few and it’s our tax dollars being used to self promote himself with favors for those select few and further more over sight and neglect cause fees to go up and taxes to rise little here little there. Adds up we already seen his budget went up 2 million, paid more for uniforms, did private security on are tax dollars, under billed services, and ran comp program that cost us thousands it just doesnt stop then patrols betters property and brand new car gets totaled

    • @76wita95 I am guessing you don’t get it. The first thing I want to point out is that these fees are not taxes. There is no gun permit tax. I am not siding with anyone in this fight but this is a lot of bad information being spread. Taxpayers do not get hurt in this the beaver county coffers are what get hit. Unless I am missing something I sure did not see an increase in the taxes I paid.

      • The $13,133 would help offset county expenses which would/should reduce the tax burden by this amount.

  • He should be held personally for this blunder. Just like undercharging for the illegal security services that his department was preforming. (Over $100.000) This, with the $13.000 should be reimbursed to the county. That would slow his stupid ass down a little !

  • I’m slowly becoming apathetic to all this because the shadiness keeps going on and nothing is being done about it.

    • If you think nothing is being done why don’t you do something? I sued the Sheriff once and will be suing him again and I helped the person that taped him and have offered to sue for all those who illegally didn’t get their permits. And, I will help Chief Alston’s kids sue the Sheriff for for what he did to them. You are like a few others on this site complain all the time and do zero. Talkers do just and only that, they talk. Be a doer not a talker. I personally got a big kick out of those that said in over 40 years I only won 1 case when even if that was true that was more than they won. Spike

  • @dean are you for real? county needs x number of dollars to meet its budget. x number of dollars must come from our tax payments. If money collected from permits goes into county treasury, then that money helps supplements budget obligations. Thus relieving the taxpayer from making up for this loss. DUH!!!!!

    • I am still waiting for one of you geniuses to show me how a gun permit equals a tax. This is not a tax. If no one buys a permit then how can you account for this funding? It is not something that is attached to wages. This is something that you purchase if you are eligible to apply for one therefore it does not apply to John Q Taxpayer overall. There are a lot of people in this county that do not qualify for this. So tell me exactly how they are effected by this? Gun permits are not counted as part of a tax base, wages are.

      @tiredashell has your tax obligation to beaver county changed what so ever? I didn’t think so.

      @76wita95 I guess you do not understand the difference between taxes and fees.

      @nobama I assure you I am not dumb. In keeping with that since I am assuming by your name you are conservative. By giving more money to a government that is not part of a tax base creates a bigger government does it not? I know my conservative side says I want a smaller government. I want lower taxes but keep up the fight.

      • Fees may not be the same as taxes, but every dollar collected as a fee is a dollar that doesn’t have to be collected as a tax. These fees help to offset the cost of running the office, money that doesn’t have to come from taxes.

      • Do any of you really believe that these fees can lower your tax liabilities? When was the last time you heard that taxes were lowered because of collected fees? These fees do not offset anything. They collect them and try to use them in place of budget short comings. They are not tax dollars, never have been and never will no matter how you try to break it down.

        @ a real regular guy
        your statement “every dollar collected as a fee is a dollar that doesn’t have to be collected as a tax” is a complete falsehood. The two have no corrolation to one another. Taxes are collected regardless of fees for gun permits, fishing lisences et al. Fee dollars do not offset tax dollars.

  • The conflicts just keep piling up and heads remain turned the other way.
    Is there anyway to tally what the conflicts in his office are costing the taxpayers JP?

    His legal fees must be astronomical at this point, and surely any internal investigations/litigations aren’t being done for free.

  • @dean, I agree these fees are not taxes. However, these fees as well as others like dog tag fees, fishing license fees, marriage license fees, passport fees, etc support these services. If the fees were not collected, tax dollars would have to be used to pay the salaries and costs associated with these services to be continued. So, yes my taxes did pay for these services prior to implementing these fees. So, henceforth, if these fees would not be collected, my taxes would be increased to pay for these services or they would have to go. If this logic escapes you, then I give up and obviously you would be a good candidate for couny office.

  • @Dennis McKee: For once, I agree with you. This is apparently much more serious than many people recognize. No Barney Fife here. The signs are now pointing to an extensive organized crime involvement, and this Sheriff is only the most obvious criminal. I really hope not, but don’t be surprised if some day the dominoes start falling when he is finally brought to justice.

    • I am well aware of that as I’m investigating other county entities. Beaver County Housing and HUD moved in a convicted sex offender with a senior citizen and got her raped. The Housing Authority is covered by Voltaire. “Anything human beings do left alone long enough will become corrupt” Spike

  • what needs to be done is a private citizen should file on sheriff and ask for surcharge of him also on the other stuff he misspent of taxpayers money..

    then mr. berosh would have to investigate.

    then his solicitor Lyon Stealobitch, should have just not ethics violation filed on him for past practice and actions, did county forget to follow through with the money they where asking back? now we have the new stuff with him admitting sheriff committed a felony by willfully giving him free gun permit, and him knowing and abiding in breaking the law, Channel 4 interview the dumb ass admitted all.

    But to get attention and clear problem is to not to stop at just ethics compliant, but better stop him from practicing law file w with judicial conduct board, if county filed over year ago most of this would have been prevented cause he would have been suspended the snake needs cut at the head.

  • Good ideas but the Judicial Conduct Board is worthless as they only act on 2% of the complaints. And a conviction is the only thing that can be acted on, not an allegation. Spike

  • This recent BCT Letter to the Editor by Ohioville’s new mayor, Karl Anthony, raised some questions for me, in light of coverage here about the concealed weapon permits. It is yet another cost reduction/fee waving reason that now appears.

    The letter, from the BCT:

    “Some time ago, a former Sheriff’s department administrator, whom I shall not name, reissued me a concealed pistol permit that was originally issued in 1973. He charged me a reduced rate because I was injured and unable to work. I thought this was admirable and appropriate.

    Where was the audit then?

    What is going on concerning the Sheriff at this time is an arbitrary witch hunt to discredit him. He, as Sheriff, should have some discretionary power over the permit process.”

    Karl Anthony