Aliquippa Residents File Lawsuit To Keep Bobby Williams Off Ballot

williams-lawsuit Attorney Michael Wojcik with Joe West of Aliquippa

A group of Aliquippa residents have filed a lawsuit asking a Beaver County Judge to keep Robert “Bobby” Williams off of the May 21st primary ballot. Williams is seeking a seat on City Council.

A series of investigative reports published by the Beaver Countian raised questions about Williams place of residence, and with the validity of entries on his nominating petitions.

The lawsuit was filed by attorney Michael Wojcik of the Pittsburgh lawfirm Thorp Reed & Armstrong on behalf of Joseph C. West, Kenneth Thornton, Kelly Callen, Tanisha Renae Gill and Sandra Gill.

“As a result of the defects, other irregularities, and outright pattern of impropriety in the signatures, addresses, and dates of the Signers, the Nomination Petition contains insufficient valid signatures to qualify the Candidate for inclusion on the May Primary Election Ballot in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a Democratic candidate for the office of Member of Aliquippa City Council and the Nomination Petition should be set aside,” the lawsuit reads in part. “In addition, there is compelling evidence that Williams is not a resident of the City of Aliquippa and is not qualified under the Third Class City Code to serve as a Member of Aliquippa City Council.”

The lawsuit, which is over 40 pages long with exhibits, goes on to cite the Beaver Countian’s investigative reports.

Beaver County Judge Gus Kwidis has scheduled a hearing on the matter for 10:00am on March 25th in courtroom 6.

Bobby Williams has declined to return messages seeking comment since the Beaver Countian began its investigation, having previously told this reporter to “go fuck yourself.” Several residents of Aliquippa have accused Williams of flashing a gun and using racial slurs when he visited their home to collect signatures for his petition.

Editorial Note: For clarification, the Bobby Williams mentioned in this article is not the same man who ran against Jim Christiana for state representative.


  • Why bother filing a civil suit, nobody’s going to vote for him any how. Why didn’t any one file criminal charges? If he had a gun and threatened people, why didn’t they do something, Bobby Williams was the code enforcement officer. MAYBE HE KNOWS TO MUCH……………

    • Well, maybe nobody will actually vote for him, but then again, there are those multiple signatures in similar handwriting on his petition to be on the ballot in the first place. Oh, and there’s that thing with him voting in Aliquippa while it appears his residence was in Center. I’m thinking he’s probably not unfamiliar with voter fraud. Of course, if fraud doesn’t work for him, it’s not like he would go around intimidating people with a gun or anything crazy like that.

      Filing the suit not only gets his corrupt ass off the ballot, but also sets a legal precedent and sends a message to the other corrupt politicians that the residents are tired of the BS and are not going to tolerate it anymore.

  • Great job investigating and reporting this, JP. George must be having a panic attack right about now trying to figure out his plan B. Let’s just hope that the judge hearing the case isn’t in bed with George.

  • Now they need to file voter fraud, but they won’t, I sure would like to know why this Williams guy is so mad at the mayor and manager. That town was a wreck before now it’s in complete shambles, actually feel bad for the people who live there.

  • Bye, bye Bobby !!! In your own words, kinda, get the F outa here, creep. :omg: :omg: :omg:

  • Bring in the state police or attorney general please !!!!!! help those poor people that are stuck there because they cant move out, because they OWN THERE HOME and cant sell it for anything near what they have put in it, that town is a joke, why all the interest in it ? oh yeah power, ego and dont forget the cash…..

  • Aliquippa is not perfect, but what town is. Corruption is on its way out but it cannot happen over night. The new generation and some of the cities finest men and women are bringing change. Yes! we are considered less likely to succeed however with perseverance and determination we are slowly rising. I am not alarmed by the amount of negative comments from the surrounding towns whom are on the outside looking in; unfortunately you cant see the men who are at the towns table planting seeds of respect, hard work, and change. for the generation coming forth. Bringing down corruption behind closed doors, day after day and night after night. leaders of the community who have stepped up, by taking charge of the city that has been used up, and abandoned, and left for dead. No, you dont see the good coming from the heart of the city. But with continual prayer this great city will stand strong and alive. We have a great town with beautiful land and beautiful homes, best kept secret. We have smart business men and women, with bachelors, masters, and phd’s. We are a family, We are friends, and most of all! we are all God’s children. Thank you to my husband Joe west and kenny T, for never giving up, and striving for the best. To the Mayor of aliquippa, keep your dream alive!