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An Ohio woman charged with dropping a Rochester child from a third-story window pleaded guilty to Aggravated Assault in the case today.

The Beaver Countian was in the courtroom as Terra Jean Hill, 27 of East Palestine, admitted to Judge Harry E. Knafelc she dropped then 23-month-old Alizae Mosconi out of a third story window, onto the sidewalk below.

Police say Hill became upset after young Alizae threw a ball at her — She then picked the child up, dropped her out of the window, then sat down to watch television.

During a preliminary hearing held in September of last year, Dr. Jennifer Wolford at UPMC Children’s Hospital described the injuries young Alizae’s suffered as a result of the fall:

“She has a small amount of blood on her brain […] both of her eye sockets have been fractured above and below the eye, her maxilla — the middle of her face, she has fracturing there […] she has a big fracture by her temple and fractures by her ear as well that go down behind the ear. Her left humerous, radius and ulna are both fractured […] on her right arm the radius and ulna are both fractured […] Both lungs showed fluid in them, which is basically caused by internal bruising […] She has a laceration on her spleen where some blood had left that’s sitting inside of her abdominal cavity […] She had a seizure due to the head trauma.”

The doctor summed up Alizae’s injuries at the time as “multiple, severely painful, and life threatening.”

Alizae Mosconi continues to recover from the injuries, and Elizabeth Newman told the Beaver Countian today that her daughter is doing well.

“Alizae is great, she’s just great. She’s suffering no major complications or anything. She has some follow up appointments to make sure all of the bones by her eyes are healing properly, but that’s all” said Newman. “She doesn’t say anything about the day this happened to her, I don’t think she remembers any of it.”

Assistant District Attorney Frank Martocci said prosecutors will recommend a sentence of 5 to 10 years in a state correctional institution as part of the plea agreement with Terra Jean Hill. She will also have to undergo a mental health evaluation — Hill is currently being treated for ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, and Depression.

William Braslawsce, Hill’s public defender, said he felt the plea deal with prosecutors was appropriate given the charges.

Sentencing in the case has been scheduled for May 2nd.


  1. The family of this woman should get to drop her and the da’s office for the plea bargain. We sure need to get these idiots out of office. They are just pathetic in the da’s office with all these plea bargains and light sentences.

  2. I personally feel there is alot more in terras head we dont kno. I dont wish bad on her or anyone just hopes while shes doing her time she gets the help she needs

  3. That’s some bull street level drug dealers get more time than what she’s getting. She needs to be charged with attempted homicide just because she admitted she did it doesn’t mean she should get a slap on the hand. That’s someone’s child she did that to.

  4. I agree this girl should b dropped out of the 6th floor window. That’s all they do is plea bargain, who ever goes to court. I would like to c the statistics of how many plea deals r made. This should not even been an option for her.

  5. Should be called a ‘flea bargain’.
    With all due respect to the folks who would rather see matters get to trial, in front of a jury for justice…please realize the added expense to the taxpayer should these cases get in front of a Judge and Jury. The perpetrators may never be able to compensate the court costs, plus jurors time and their lost wages for jury duty. Then when a trial is ‘all over said and done with’… there may not be any guarantees as to what a jury would’ve determined anyway…based on ‘insanity pleas’ or how much more time or punishment these criminals would’ve gotten anyway. For example, that ‘what’s-her-face’ from Florida, who killed her kid. That was televised daily with millions watching while her parents and brother were emotionally ‘drug thru the ringer’ and what did the jury decide?…not guilty. If she would’ve accepted a ‘flea bargain from Florida’ from the start, that would’ve been better justice in my opinion, but then again, she wasn’t guilty now was she?

  6. I guess then we should give these people the drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, pay their rent for a yr, a yr. of full welfare benefits so they can get over the insanity, and give them a lil tap on the a$$ and say “no no that is wrong, Please don’t do it again. Well a plea bargain to me is just bull crap. Lets get back the death penalty and the hell with it….if found guilty give them the shot…..quick n easy..then put the piece of crap on the trash heap. Now that might just cut down crime. OR let the family of the victim have a day with the person. I’m sure there can be some retribution there if all you are worried about the cost of prosecution. Just Saying…..

  7. Alizae is doing great and she is more gorgeous than ever. That’s what needs to be focused on now. As much as i believe she shoulder gotten more time, we can’t change it and zae deserves to have this all done so she can grow up and leave this in the past!!


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