A 19-year-old Rochester man who police say had sexual contact with a 13-year-old girl from Vanport, has tentatively agreed to a plea deal with prosecutors that would see him serve just 9 months in the county jail, according to sources.

Jordan Mercadante waived his preliminary hearing today on charges including Indecent Assault and a felony count of Aggravated Indecent Assault. Beaver police say Mercadante was at a party at the girl’s house when the sexual contact occurred. The girl and her sister subsequently went to the Beaver Police Station to file a complaint against the man.

According to police, Jordan Mercadante provided a written statement admitting he had sexual contact with the 13-year-old girl.

Law enforcement sources say Mercadante intends to plead to one count of Corruption of Minors, a misdemeanor charge — Sources say the victim and her family have agreed to the deal.

Marcadante remains free on a $5,000 unsecured bond.

Note: The Beaver Countian has a policy of not identifying alleged victims of sexual abuse by name.


  1. Isn’t this like the third time this month that a rapist has pleaded guilty and gotten less than a year in jail? Something in the system is broken and it needs to be fixed….now. I can not tell you how angry I am….and sad for these children…we are not protecting them. This is sending a sickening message to sexual predators in Beaver County.

  2. I’m pretty sure he’s registering to be sex offender. I would say it’s fair, since this person made a written statement admitting what he did. I can’t remember from the article if this person forced her to have sex or volunteer. If she volunteered, that’s probably why the sentence is so short.

  3. This was a fair deal for this 19-yr old’s 1st offense, provoked by a ‘on-the-loose’ minor > who’s parent’s were around. One can’t legally drink before 21, yet a 19-yr old can get shot @ in foreign countries by snipers….while defending our country. The emancipation age should be the same as the drinking age in my opinion and I hope they serve Mr. Mercandante either beer or whiskey in his cell.

    • Perhaps I missed something here….the victim was a 13 year old child….”Provoked”? I can’t believe those words are coming from a woman’s fingertips. And what the heck does “emancipation” have to do with rape? Beaver County’s attitudes about always blaming the victim in rape cases is barbaric. There is no justification for rape. What did I miss?

      • Rape? I did not see that written anywhere…and no one knows the entire story involving this sexual contact…unless one was present when this so-called ‘assault’ occurred? A 13 year old is a kid…. a 19 year old is a kid in the eyes of the PA State Liquor board. Who’s parenting is at fault here. At 19, a kid could still legally be a junior or senior in high school plus his parents are still somewhat responsible if he were charged with a D.U.I…at least on their auto insurance policy if nothing else, unless he had his own vehicle and insurance. Was there not liquor at this unsupervised party. Was this 13 year old girl drinking? I guess because she is only 13, that makes her drinking ok too because she is not ‘old’ enough to know any better?

  4. The problem in beaver county is they plea deal way to much! Instead of doing justice for these disgusting crimes.A 13 yr old girl no matter what she says ,or how she acts ,is still 13. The man should have thought with the head on his neck instead of —-! He should register as sex offender an do 6 years in jail ,since he six years older then VICTIM!!!!! I pray that girl can move on from this and live a goo life!!

  5. He as an adult ,still had sexually contact with a minor ,in the whole worlds eyes !!!!! All the other stuff is comparing apples to oranges,yes they are in the same fruit family but are completely different! If hr was completely innocent of the charges n believed he was hr never would of looked for a plea deal ! Plain and simple

  6. There was a line that was crossed. When a parent doesnt teach their little girl self respect and to follow laws of not to get drunk and lie aabout her age and where is the mother of this “victim” wen he1 21yr old sister is the one letting her drink, where was her mother,, tthats the question nobody will as but everyone wants the answer to,,, at her boyfriends,, thats where, people teach your children about the consequences of these actions, it all woould hhave ended diffrent iif sshe told the truth about hher age, and her sister shoulda been an example, shes the one who gave her the liquor &coulda spoke up at any time..

  7. First of all she lied about her age & I doubt it was to play barbies, what part of it is her fault or her sisters wwho supplied her the liquor, why didnt her mother teach her right from wrong, its cuz shes never there to see it. It was consentiuaal so values werent instilled or nobody there to enforce it, I blame this childs parents100% my chilxren have never and will never have such freedoms..if I ever found my daughters behaving this way I would beat them senseless, and when they did come to id give it to them one more time, if u dont them their worth then how will they know. They will look to a male for their justification, teach our girls their value and worth cuz this is wat happens wen u dont 2 babies suffer over a negligent parent

  8. Sad that we always blame the man for incidents like this. You weren’t there. He admitted contact, but who knows if he was led on or what. Don’t be so quick to pass judgement unless you know the absolute truth. We all know our 13 year old children act as if they are 21 these days. Just saying………


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