Attorney Mark Galzerano / photo via Facebook

The Beaver Countian’s John Paul was awoken today by a 3:30 a.m. phone call from Republican Hopewell Township commissioner candidate Mark Galzerano, as the attorney continues to spark controversy online.

Attorney Mark Galzerano made news on the Beaver Countian on Wednesday, after posting what he believed to be the home address of one of his detractors to a Facebook group he administers. It turned out that Galzerano had the wrong man, and the family who actually lived at the address spoke out about being dismayed that the attorney had dragged them into his social media flame war.

Galzerano ultimately issued a public apology for his actions in a statement he sent to the Beaver Countian following the initial publication of its article, “I apologize for my error in judgement and particularly to the innocent people who were affected by this.”

Hopewell Township released a statement on Thursday as a result of the incident, warning the town’s residents about “misleading” groups run by Galzerano and others that were not in any way affiliated with local government.

“Those who follow social media on Facebook or who attempt to located the official account of Hopewell Township are cautioned not to be misled, particularly by the group ‘Hopewell Township, Beaver County, PA.’ created by Mr. Galzerano who has been associated with recent controversy involving the posting of residents’ addresses,” said a statement published on the municipality’s official website and Facebook page.

Galzerano countered that his group’s description contains a disclaimer noting that it is not affiliated with the governmental entity.

Members of a separate group administered by Galzerano in support of his election, “Pajak – Galzerano & Tourney for Hopewell Commissioners 2017,” got emails from Facebook yesterday notifying them that Galzerano had changed settings for the group to make it “secret.” The attorney posted a notice to the group’s followers that his running mates were in no way involved with his antics.

“My running mates and people who I am supporting for the general election have nothing to do with the recent controversy concerning Hopewell Township and my Hopewell Township Beaver County group,” wrote Galzerano.

Despite previously issuing an apology about errors in judgement, attorney Galzerano began writing comments on the Beaver Countian about a second man who had expressed opposition to his candidacy.

“I’m not sure why you started all of this; however I must reluctantly respond to your attempt at damaging me and my family. SO wait for it,” wrote Galzerano to the man in a public comment left at 3:02 a.m. Galzerano followed up his comment with a second one at 3:11 a.m., saying, “THIS IS THE GUY WHO IS TRYING TO RUIN MY REPUTATION. ALL PUBLIC RECORD,” and then listing alleged criminal cases the man had been involved in from 2001. Court dockets reviewed by the Beaver Countian appear to show that attorney Galzerano had misstated one of those charges.

Attorney Galzerano then sent the Beaver Countian’s John Paul text messages at 3:19 a.m. asking that a photo posted as a comment by a reader at noon the previous day be deleted. After not receiving a response, Galzerano made a phone call to him at 3:27 a.m., awaking the sleeping reporter who was unable to get to his phone in time to answer the call. Galzerano left a voicemail message, again asking for it to be removed.

A satirical comment, written by a person using the moniker “aldo gorlami,” included a photograph that Galzerano had publicly shared on his Facebook account. The image shows Galzerano sitting behind a desk in a room resembling the Oval Office, talking on an old-fashioned red phone while his wife is seen standing behind him. The commenter included with the photograph some comical guesses about what it may depict, among them that: “he actually uses an old Carlson 1543 telephone but somehow doesn’t need to plug it in,” “this is actually a candid photo, just everyday life of a super cool lawyer,” and “an awful attempt of subliminally projecting power to what he must assume are idiotic voters.”

Mark Galzerano provided no legal rationale about why it should be deleted, saying only that the photo was of his wife.

Galzerano had been making satirical posts about political rivals on one of his Facebook groups — even citing case law detailing why they were legally permissible.

After waking up the Beaver Countian’s John Paul at 3:27 a.m., Galzerano posted another public comment at 4:47 a.m. in response to one left by the groggy reporter, saying in part, “I asked you to not allow posts of family members. But? You still have left up posts of my innocent family members so wake up and delete it please.”

Galzerano posted another comment at 5:09 a.m., saying he had not made an early morning phone call to wake anyone up:

“John Paul. I’ve asked you publicly and privately to take all photos of my family members down from your site. I’ve never called you to awake you. I always text you as you said in your comments above. I have no axe to grind with anyone. All that I want is what is best for my community and our local businesses in Hopewell Township; our page was set up five years ago. Not for me alone, but for our local businesses. Ask any of our Hopewell business persons and Read the preamble. I think it is a great site. However there are always dissidents and people love to bash me and our community of Hopewell Township. In fact most of the negative commentators on our site are not in Hopewell. So gave a good night’s sleep and call me in the morning please. Thanks.” (sic)

The comment posted by “aldo gorlami” is the only one the Beaver Countian could locate on its site that contained a photograph related to the candidate.

The election for Hopewell Township Commissioner will take place on November 7th. Attorney Mark Galzerano is running as part of a Republican ticket and will be facing off against Democrats Rich Bufalini, David Scooch Ciccone, Joe Kusnir, and David Swihart.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. “Secret”? Top Or Eyes only? Roll on or spray? Does Facebook even have such a setting? Or is this just something that boys pinky swear to keep from girls who visit their tree houses?

    Let it go, my man, let it go. Believe me…no one cares.

  2. Hey chief, you are running for Hopewell Twp. Supervisor, not Last Best Hope for Mankind. The only calls at 3:30AM should be a serious emergency or a morning call to Europe. Turn off the electronics and go to bed.

  3. Let’s see…. How does the timeline usually go? Oh yeah,
    1 Career and political aspirations go down the toilet.
    2 An apology is forthcoming.
    3 An announcement is made that the individual is seeking intensive therapy usually at some form of an inpatient treatment center.
    4 The world doesn’t hear much about the individual because he’s yesterday’s news and nobody gives a leprechaun fart about him anymore.

    It would appear that we’ve had 1 and 2 already. Anybody want to start a pool for 3 and 4?

  4. What kind of an asshole calls someone at 3:30 am to have a pissing match with them? I’ll tell you because it is crystal clear what is going on with this man now. He is bipolar and in a manic state. Only someone in a manic state is calling people at 3:30 am and rambling the nonsense that is in this article. It also explains the paranoia.

    • @speak the truth

      Could very well be! But there are two other things Mungo can think of that possess some of the same characteristics…….
      i.e….Methamphetamine and Cocaine!
      A little less likely but still allowing for similar effect would be many different Research Chemicals out of the Netherlands…..the place on a map…not the family! Further the most likely is what others alluded to……….a wee bit much of the ole pumpkin ale!
      Of course then again general bufoonery is not beyond the realm of feasible!

    • Well……..he has to be associated with the other 2 candidates. They are all running on a ticket together. The other 2 candidates should bail now and find someone else before it is to late.

  5. It’s only 9:30 on a Friday night.
    Just wait until MarkGalz gets home from da bar….
    He will start posting his drunk grunts in about 6 hours.
    What a fucking sub-educated moron.

  6. Social media battling at 3am sounds like he is taking a page from our Tantrum Toddler in Chief. I cant believe grown men who want to run our local and federal government are acting this way and we continue to allow this kind of behavior.

  7. You disgrace your family and friends MarkyMark. That is proof that you have the “politician gene” in you. However most wait until they are actually elected to an office before they display that behavior. Hang it up and go away, you’re done.

  8. Mark Galzerano has done the Hopewell voters a favor.

    Through his use of social media he has accurately portrayed who he is. Now the voters can choose.

    Looks like our system is still working well.

  9. Facebook has taken down many people over the years. People that just don’t know when to shut the fuck up. I’m one of them, but I’m not running for any office and I don’t have a Facebook page.

  10. I could only find one peer review of Mark. I don’t think the results will surprise anyone that’s been following this story.

    Mark Rocco Galzerano
    1.8/5.0 by a Managing Partner on 06/09/14 in Civil Practice

    Legal Knowledge

    Analytical Capability



    Legal Experience

    Note the 2/5 on every topic, EXCEPT JUDGEMENT, 1/5. Poor judgement on his part is exactly why this and previous articles exist. Mark decided to take to social media to attack his detractors, including an incorrect home address, for what I can only assume would be to intimidate and harass. It was that poor judgement that led to the first article, and attention to his antics. If he have used better judgement and not phoned and texted at 3:00 am, the second article never would have run, and the readers would have moved on other stories. So Mark, you used social media to intimidate and harass, I simply posted a satirical picture that YOU made public to the entire world. I know you’re blaming others for this fiasco (I know that because of your childish posts saying as much) But you reap what you sow, and this is 100% your own doing.
    You should have followed Raven’s Br’er Rabbit advice. But you couldn’t resist.

  11. Is this attorney in a law office somewhere? I need to get off my butt and put together a will, but I want to make sure I don’t come anywhere near this guy or any practice he’s involved with. I don’t live in Hopewell, so I can’t vote either way, but I certainly don’t want to trust a nut case like this with my legal affairs!

  12. I find it interesting that one only has to mention Trump’s name to sway how people THINK and respond. Even if it is used in a fair comparison to other people’s behavior, the green and red buttons are affected. Start thinking for YOURSELVES, people.

  13. If you want an idea for a new story, JP, consider the tax exoneration issue and the Unis back taxes of about a half million dollars, making the current amounts chickenfeed. We will never see that in the BCT. I am assuming that noone dropped them off in a little brown bag over the weekend.

    • BC Times published editorial chastising Egley for the tax exonerations. No explanation that the largest one was part of the Court House “In” crowd of Family and Friends Inc. What about all the taxes NOT being paid by many high profile residents? It has to start somewhere to protect the taxpayers from the gift of their hard earned funds for the betterment of a few rich donors. Bet they don’t have the balls to print a rebuttal. They are gutless and yearn for the “Good old days” when secrecy, backroom politics and corruption flourished. They got all the paid ads from those they covered for and no one in the county was the wiser for it. NEWSFLASH TIMES, The Countian is the real voice of the public. You have lost those with the ability to distinguish between your fairy tale bullshit and the reality of a public being plundered by their own government. They endorse and encourage being good little sheeple.

  14. Enough of the whack a doodle Galzerano. Let’s get back to exposing the big fish that are robbing the taxpayers. Let’s not chase minnows while we have a sea of big fat political tunas waiting to be plucked!

    • I think that this revealing of Galzerano’s shortcomings was valuable from the perspective of exposing yet one more of the Monaca, Aliquippa, and environs, “gene pool” of politicians who get into politics with limited to no qualifications and filter down into places like the Courthouse. Like dandelion seeds blowing in the wind, they fly out and plant themselves far and wide. Those dynamics and associated names help understanding why things are what they are. Perhaps this will not make big waves now, but in the future the contents of this article could help explain how things happened. Of course, that is true of many of the BC articles that become research fodder when things get bad, and no one knows why. Why is it that most of this stuff happens south of the Ohio River? “How do I corrupt thee? Let me count the ways.”

    • This is exactly what needs exposed. The locals are robbing you just as much as the county, state and feds. Don’t forget the schools. Thats a whole investigation in itself. Look at tight pants Christiana and how much he supports charter schools??? And why??? Kickbacks??

      • I don’t know. Maybe because the public school system is FUBAR.
        (F)ucked (U)p (B)eyond (A)ny (R)epair.

  15. The Unis family back taxes on dozens of properties have been in contention for a long time, covered in the Beaver Countian, extensively, about three years ago. The exoneration amounts discussed now are nothing in comparison. What’s up, Commissioners? Why is there no mention of them now? Actually, those seeking exoneration would have a good case, if they point to that preferential treatment. What’s 20 or 30 thousand bucks, compared to a half million dollars? Wait, don’t tell me. About 25 times less. Exoneration, forgiveness, looking the other way, favoritism. Pretty much all the same, when the money isn’t collected.

    • Raven that was back in 2014 and as we all know the same time FR was sold. A lot of shady dealings in my opinion the word PAYOFF comes to mind. Speaking of Judge Kwidas, I believe he is the one that ordered the sale of the Center Twp widows home for like 6 dollars in unpaid tax. But hey, Beaver County is gonna be getting all that money from the drug company law suits. Of all people to go on the TV News and talk about it, Dan Camp. Really? I happen to know a little about the Camp family and he should narrow his scope a little on the drug problem besides county wide. Him talking about it on TV is the last thing he should do.



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