Beaver Countians will take to the polls this Tuesday, May 16th, to begin the process of filling two judicial seats being vacated in the Court of Common Pleas. These jurists will serve as stewards of justice for at least the next decade, having profound and lasting impacts on individual lives and our community at large.

Voters will be well served by casting a ballot for attorney Mitchell Shahen.

Born and raised in the City of Aliquippa and now residing in Center Township, Mitchell has been practicing law in Beaver County for 33 years. Mitchell’s wife Cheryl has been a nurse at Heritage Valley for nearly forty. The couple has raised two children together, each now successful in their own right — daughter Alaina, a Cardiovascular Intensive Care Nurse in Miami, and son Christopher, who works at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute for Molecular Biology.

Shahen is gentle-voiced and mild-mannered, thoughtful and reasoned, and he has repeatedly shown himself to be a man who will seek reforms where change is needed.

Through the years Shahen has worked to ensure equity in cases where capital punishment was a possible sentence, and fought to make sure minorities are properly represented in Beaver County’s jury pool. He has sat on committees that develop rules for Juvenile Court, and those that govern a special court established to provide counseling and mentoring for troubled military veterans accused of crimes.

Shahen has volunteered his time with his church, youth sports programs, and various mentoring efforts, making him a well-known figure in the community.

Just as doctors should not be judged by the patients they treat, attorneys should not be judged by the clients they represent. Mitchell Shahen has proven himself to be an impassioned defender of the fundamental rights entitled to each person who stands accused by their government of wrongdoings, but he has also shown himself to have great and sincere empathy for those who have been victimized by others.

Shahen has earned the respect of his peers, being the only candidate to receive a “highly recommended” rating from the Beaver County Bar Association.

Stability from family, foundation in community, evenness of temperament, humble in spirit and well-reasoned in judgement — these are the qualities of a good jurist. The Beaver Countian endorses attorney Mitchell Shahen for Beaver County Common Pleas Judge without reservation and encourages its readers to give him a seat on the bench.

Beaver Countians will also have an opportunity to cast a vote for a second judge, Diane Buchanan and William Braslawsce would each make a good choice. Avoid Myron Sainovich like the plague and be prepared to relocate out of Beaver County should he amass enough uninformed voters to become elected.


  1. I do not know them personally but if Mr. Benyo and JP endorse Mitchell Shahen and William Braslawsce for Judge, that’s good enough for me. Besides I like the fact that Braslawsce has the word “law” in the middle of his last name. Best of luck gentleman.

    Avoid Myron Sainovich like the plague and be prepared to relocate out of Beaver County should he amass enough uninformed voters to become elected.


    • I was out walking the other day, as i often do, an i came across a Myron Sainovich sign laying flat on the ground along the side of the road , not wanting to stand it back up, Being an Environmentalist and a person who encourages Recycling i was perplexed with a decision i felt i had to make, the strain was almost more than i could bear , then like a bolt of lightning an idea hit me, I rushed home as quick as i could , sign in hand ,
      For the past few day’s i have used it as a platform to clean Fish on……….

  3. MITCHELL SHAHEN might be one of the best over all candidates to run for judge in years, not just experience, but the temperament and quality of person he is, no doubt the County deserves to have someone like him on the bench.

    DIANE BUCHANAN: is my other choice to fill the second seat. Just research background and experience. She’s honest and genuine. The County residents can rest assure that with her and Mitchell for next 10 years WE KNOW the under ground filth of legal system can’t be manipulated with them.

    deb decostro , just Google her name and read and read. You really want that in our court system ruling for ten years?

    bill braslawsce: has jumped on the union and drug epidemic wagon….. But his mailers claiming to be big union supporter and member, HAD NO UNION BUG , AND HE MISSPELLED ” addiction” when addressing the drug issues of county.

    Myron. My hemorrhoid throbs just saying his name.

    • I have to agree, not with your non endorsement; however, I strongly agree with your top two choices for Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Beaver County: Diane Buchanan and Mitch Shahen. I’ve worked with both of these attorneys for many years and they are both respected and have integrity.
      (And I love your “nickname”……. BTW).

    • @Jimmy Albert’s Balls…Excellent choice! …and “ditto” on what markgalz said about your endorsement and nickname! 🙂

    • Isn’t she endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce? I can’t vote for anyone aligned with that Koch organization. They need to keep money out of politics, and we need to keep their politicians away from elected positions. Paul Ryan shows how much influence they’ve bought already.

  4. Had attorney Shahen do a little estate work. Impressed me with just being a good guy and knowledgeable, not just another asshole lawyer. Will have mine and Tontos vote.

  5. Mid term Primary elections usually result in a very low voter turnout. One can only hope that those that do vote have read the special insert in the Times, so do not count Myron out , he has name recognition. He will not receive my vote. Just an observation.

    • I firmly believe David Neely is the best fit for the position. Don’t take my word for your own homework and you’ll see for yourself. Make educated choices before you go to the polls.

  6. U know I put a lot of trust in the Beaver Countian. Shahen is endorsed by the Beaver Countian hes probably allright. But its just hard for me to say to myselfe make him a judge put him on the bench. He is from Aliquippa I know I know but that’s how I feel. Maybe we should import one from China.Allmost everything else we have comes from there.

  7. ANY FUCKING PERSON BUT THE ” baby snatcher” if she gets elected, ANY crazy babysitter can just your kid she will file custody for them.

  8. It’s funny that in the other parts of PA those running for Common Pleas judge advertise their broad experience in family, criminal, and contracts law. They didn’t even talk about that with our candidates, so I did my own research and will vote for Shahen and Braslawsce.

    Buchanan had zero criminal experience listed on her facebook bio, so I ruled her out based on that. Normally, I would want to vote for a woman.



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