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An administrative assistant for Beaver County Commissioner Dan Camp will have to pay back an increase in salary he had been receiving after Camp changed his mind about the raise he previously approved.

Following the October 5th termination of County Chief of Staff Joe Weidner, who also served as Chief County Clerk, Commissioners Dan Camp, Sandie Egley, and Tony Amadio met to discuss who to appoint as the new Chief Clerk, a required position under Pennsylvania County Code.

The Commissioners ultimately decided to promote administrative assistant Julie Richards to the post and to increase her pay from $26.374 to $28.022 in consideration of the added responsibilities. During the same meeting, the Commissioners also decided to give a modest raise to the other administrative assistant in their office, Anthony Caltury, changing his hourly rate from $26.374 to $26.923. Caltury’s work load had increased, the Commissioners reasoned, since they made the decision to eliminate the position of a third administrative assistant earlier this year.

Richards and Caltury were told about their salary increases; the three Commissioners signed county paperwork approving payment for the pay raises and submitted the documents to the Human Resources Office for processing on October 6th. As is standard procedure for the county, the forms then made their way to the county Payroll Office and Caltury and Richards began receiving their increases in pay.

Although the Commissioners had approved payment for the pay raises, the increases in salaries for the positions still had to be formally adopted by the County Salary Board, which is comprised of Commissioners Dan Camp, Sandie Egley, and Tony Amadio as well as County Controller David Rossi.

Controller Rossi had been against the pay increase for Caltury at a time when other employees in the county were under a pay freeze, and had declined to sign paperwork approving the raise.

At this week’s meeting of the Salary Board, Commissioner Camp changed his position, withdrawing a motion formalizing the increase of salary for Caltury. With Controller Rossi and Commissioner Camp now against the increase, Commissioner Tony Amadio voted along with them to withdraw the motion. Commissioner Sandie Egley was against withdrawing the motion, believing the Board should follow through with Caltury’s raise as promised.

“I voted for his small pay increase because I said I would, I made a commitment,” said Commissioner Sandie Egley.

Increases paid to Caltury will be deducted from future paychecks.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


    • You got that right, Kathleen!!! Someone (Rossi) needs to investigate as to why this has occurred and take care of the retirees that have been without COLA/Raise since retirement!!!

  1. Its a man thang LOL There has to be some sort of EEOC or PHRC law against this sort of thing… Hey if your a good administrative assistant there are jobs out there that pay more with less headache… Just saying… WOW

  2. I’m telling you Ms Egley, camp has abandoned you. Him and Amadio has taken a vowel to team up and stand against you. When election time rolls around again, you will be standing tall. The rest of them will all be gone from that courthouse and it will be a new day. I urge you to contact the U S Attorney for The Western District, FBI Pittsburgh Office and Dept of Justice, file a complaint with all of them and tell them about every dirty twisted corrupted bit of malfeasance that you know about. I can guarantee you that you will not be the first and you will not be alone. If enough citizens file complaints maybe we won’t have to wait 3 more years.

  3. If the county had a pay freeze then i do not think these people should have had a pay raise. having said that if it was approved and given they should not be required to pay it back but from this point on go back to their old salary. they didnt do anything wrong or shady for this to happen.

  4. Every time somebody flushes the toilet twice in a week at the courthouse, they get a pay raise for their extra Doodies.

    All the jobs I worked at, they would give you additional work, smile and say, “You are also doing this now”.

  5. As I understand it, the county projected a deficit, yet brought back retirees who accepted a very generous monetary retirement package to return at a higher pay rate, now we have pay increases that are to be rescinded, wait until after the holidays, the 800 lb. tax increase gorilla is still in the room.

    • Well sure we need a tax increase. You can see the need for that. After all, the Lord above will be delivering the cracker plant into our midst beginning next year and that means more county services, more sheriff staff, more administration. It’s the financial windfall that will end up costing us money. You know, sorta like the Friendship Ridge sale.

  6. Wage concessions do they know what that means salary deceases let’s say 25 percent to all count employees who is for that

  7. Omg! Who in their right mind would take back a pay increase, & to top it off, make them return the increase they already received. This makes Camp & Amadio look rediculous. They appear to be weak & spineless. They should be ashamed taking back the pay increase, especially since the admin’s now have a heavier work load.

    • Peppermint Patti I agree with you 100%. Camp and Amadio are two peas in a pod. I think they should give back some of there pay. How you feel about that Dan and Tony?

    • camp and amadio should have to pay back these increases outa their own pockets…then they’ll know what the taxpayers feel like..ha

  8. Lord the mess at the courthouse.
    Don’t hire replacements for retiring employees.
    Pay the ones that stay more and get the same product out.
    Good people deserve to be paid what they are worth.
    Don’t replace the deadwood!

  9. I seriously CANNOT BELIEVE that an Admin. Assistant makes $26 an hour in the Beaver County court house. That is my position for a company in Pittsburgh and I make a little more than HALF that. AND I’ve been doing it for 20 years. WTF?

    • Admin who gets ridiculed in the public spot light. When was the last time you typed up something for your boss and ended up on the front page of the paper? Yeah… $26-$28 thank you.

  10. No wonder Beaver County government is seen as the ultimate clown show. One hand doesn’t know, or care, what the other is doing. Why isn’t there information coordination between Payroll and the Controller? If the Controller declined to approve the raise in the first place, why did Payroll cut the checks?

    Caltury’s hourly rate was increased by a lousy 50 cents an hour on October 5th. Based on a 40 hour pay week, between then and now, he was paid ONLY 132 dollars more. So, at this week’s meeting, Danny changed HIS mind (under pressure?) and decided to rescind the raise and demand it be repaid.

    Dan Camp, WTF is wrong with you? Why don’t YOU pay it back, since YOU changed YOUR mind and decided to rescind HIS raise? If I were him, I’d tell YOU to kiss MY ass. Instead of making an employee pay back 132 dollars he was legally paid, why not find the millions of dollars Connie Javens and LaValle wrote incorrect checks for, with no questions asked? Where did ALL of THAT money go? Down to the last cent.

  11. Most don’t know that these aren’t 40 hour/week positions so don’t do the normal math of 2080 hours. These are probably 33-35 hour per week positions.

    • Wow – Thanks Doggy do – I didn’t know that. That means even less, like a little more than a hundred bucks total. Goes to show what a stingy bunch they are. Is that Connie I hear cackling in the background?

    • do they get paid overtime for all that extra work? that would be about40 an hour. wow. just askin’ , again.

  12. A few cents to about a buck a day, net, won’t put anyone out much. But this happened to me and my coworkers on a much larger scale, and I don’t know if a better way to kill morale, look like a fool and have workers plotting your demise. It’s a double insult — no raise and then a payback. My employer had the balls to address the staff and say, “You owe ME!”

    Camp’s an asshole. He should have kept on truckin’ .

  13. Joe Weidner is gone, they divey up his mundane tasks among two administrative staffers left and give them a few bucks. What was Joe making? 80K or something…good deal.
    Then Camp pulls the rug back. I think the headline is spot on. JP is reporting a pattern. Flip Flop Camp.

  14. Dan apparently needs to take a management class because that’s not how you motivate your employees. The hourly rate for the position is ridiculously high to begin with but that is beside the point.

    This would also indicate a broken process that I hope they will address so this can’t happen again in the future…. Raises should only go into effect after the paperwork is complete and the salary board approves it. But Dan seems to be too stupid with his power tripping these days to pick up on this.

  15. As much as I agree with Beth about it being a ridiculous amount of money, I think it is wrong to give someone a raise then change your mind and make them pay it back. That’s BS.





    CORONER: spend SPEND

    DISTRICT ATTORNEY: getting paid 170k to figure out what the hell a DA is to do.

  17. Considering this dude attended multiple campaign events in flip flops, he ain’t surprising that he flip flops in office.

  18. Camp is way over his head. He doesn’t have the political experience or savvy to survive one term. Like the man said, Danny Boy, keep on trucking. If the public were to cruise the halls of the courthouse they’d see a lot of people lolly gagging about and no sense of urgency to give the taxpaying public 100%. Amadio & Camp are going to join forces against Sandie but only behind her back or else she’ll kick their wimpy asses! We are going to get a TAX INCREASE like it or not. And as noted above once the Shell gods drop some loot they’ll be on a spending spree like Obama when he bought the teachers, autoworkers and police with the stimulus money to get reelected the second term. ,Ask the 2000 Government workers how that worked for them as they just announced 2000 more layoffs. Spending other peoples money to get reelected is as American as Beaver County Courthouse and apple pie. get involved people and stop in the courthouse. You own and pay for the damn place. Don’t wait till they get reelected and then protest. The time to act is NOW!

  19. Wow Dan, you have become a major disappointment. Either you truly changed your mind OR you had an agenda, prior to election and the real Dan is now showing his true self. I’m so sorry I voted for you.



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