Mount Airy Casino & Resort / press image via Mounty Airy

Mount Airy has issued the following press release announcing the building of a casino in Beaver County:

Mount Pocono, PA (Aug. 6, 2018) – Mount Airy Casino Resort, Pennsylvania’s first AAA Four-Diamond casino resort, announced today the expansion of its customer-focused luxury brand into the Pittsburgh and tri-state market.

The owner of the state’s only family-owned casino announced immediate plans for Mount Airy Pittsburgh, a casino and premier destination development, to break ground at the end of the year after the purchase of over 100 shovel-ready acres located conveniently off Interstate 376 and the PA Turnpike in Beaver County — less than 20 miles from Cranberry, Sewickley and the Ohio state line.

“We’re thrilled to bring our four-diamond customer service, high quality entertainment and luxurious amenities to Beaver County and the surrounding communities, while contributing a positive lasting impact on the local economy,” said Lisa DeNaples, owner and managing trustee of Mount Airy Casino Resort in the Poconos, whose development has helped to spur more than $2 billion in economic activity in the surrounding area. “For over a decade, Mount Airy Casino Resort in the Poconos has paved the way as one of the nation’s most dynamic, upscale destination casino resorts. Our thoughtful expansion into the Pittsburgh and tri-state area represents a huge milestone in our effort to do what we live and breathe every day: provide award-winning customer service and luxury amenities to more people.”

At its anticipated grand opening in late 2019, the Mount Airy Pittsburgh’s 750 slot machines, 30 table games and high limit area will be accompanied by its famed buffet, which was voted “best of gaming” by the readers of Casino Player Magazine.

The entire property, including its sports bar will be designed by the world-renowned Friedmutter Group, known for its work at The Cosmopolitan resort in Las Vegas. Future phase II development plans include a full-service resort hotel, convention center, fine dining restaurant, pool, spa and salon and other destination-focused amenities.

“We envision the casino as just the start of building something truly special for the tri-state area,” said DeNaples. “Imagine not just a casino, but a destination that raises industry-wide expectations and standards – serving as a phenomenal gathering space for celebrations and live entertainment and bringing upwards of 700 jobs to regional residents.”

Mount Airy Casino Resort embarks on this new exciting chapter following its winning auction bid in February 2018 for a coveted Category 4 casino license.

“This is an exciting time of economic development in Beaver County that will be further spurred by Mount Airy’s new investment,” said Daniel Camp III, chairman of Beaver County Commissioners. “I welcome the economic growth and entertainment options this will bring not only to the citizens of Beaver County, but to those in neighboring regions. After working with the Mount Airy management team for the past several months, I know they will be great partners for Beaver County and Big Beaver Borough.”

Mt. Airy supports local initiatives near its Poconos property and has invested over $1 million back into the local community. DeNaples expressed her enthusiasm for community engagement opportunities within the Pittsburgh region.

“I want to thank the elected leaders in the Beaver County area for their enthusiasm and partnership. We’re excited to engage with community leaders and residents right away. Our goal is to become meaningfully engrained within the community through robust job training opportunities and the support of local initiatives.”

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. If our county signs on to a $40 million convention center, we need to start a petition of people swearing to never go there.

      • Visitors to the area? What the hell are you smokin man? This mini casino will only get visitors from new castle, Youngstown, beaver falls, etc. And they’ll all be coming on public transportation. The BS about building a hotel and convention center later on will never happen. This Casino will be nothing more than a dirtball cash cow.

      • I’m fine with visitors, but the country paying $40 million to get them, I’m not fine with. $5 million, tops- and we can’t afford that. Ask the pension fund.

    • Veon finally got his casino after Rendell stuck it to him and helped Corbett lead to his downfall.

      You don’t have to be good, just lucky!

    • Why, if we can drain the swamp, get the criminals out of office, and the casino is going to pay taxes, and provide 700 jobs and since it is going to happen anyways, why not go, keep the money in BC, and maybe actually not get another tax increase, and maybe have more activities come into BC, or do you want to continue only having Brady’s Run Park, or should I say Heroin Run Park, and a food truck festival with 10 trucks! Our residents and children should have a list of activities to enjoy every weekend, but Beaver County Tourism, is broke, and even if it wasn’t, those people won’t even be able to plan their own going away party for all the elected officials that’s going to be losing their over paid jobs soon!

      • Funny, I go down to Brady’s Run a lot and I have yet to see drug paraphanalia laying around in “Heroin Run”? You probably mean around some of the high school parking lots.

      • They deal there, not use. The State Police and Brighton Township is aware. Cars with Ohio plates drive up the hill, wait then the PA dealers drive up and they switch money for product. Also gay meet use the same location, other men have been approached. If you need more evidence of this go in the bathroom by the boat docks. I never said anyone is going around shooting up and throwing needles all over. However, think about it, where is it being sold? Maybe to those kids at school? If you been there lately, there are more police, and they also are making their presents on that hill.

    • From JD Prose of the Beaver County Times:

      By J.D. Prose
      Posted Apr 5, 2008 at 12:01 AM:

      “We wrote that DeNaples was barred in January from his own casino in the Poconos after he was indicted for lying about his relationships with alleged organized crime figures so that he could get a slots license.”

      (So, he gave/sold the casino to his daughter, Lisa DeNaples.)

      “DeNaples, we told you, gave Veon $30,000 in May 2002, and his D&L Realty gave $5,000 to Veon in December 2004 and $15,000 in September 2005.”

      “(In October 2004, The Times reported that Veon received $42,000 that year from people linked to Centaur Inc., the Indiana company that was at the time trying to win a state license to build the Valley View Downs harness track and slots casino in South Beaver Township.)”

      Keep up the good work, JD.

  2. This may be a great idea as it will be more convenient for our county employees to visit a casino/racetrack, while on the timesheet. (think Signore)
    1. It will save the county gasoline as this will be closer.
    2. The employees will stay at work longer as travel time is decreased.
    3. Local revenue is generated.
    ( sarcasm )

    If they add a golf course then that will be even better!!!


    “Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr. will return $15,000 donated to his campaign for state attorney general from a company owned by Dunmore businessman Louis DeNaples, a convicted felon.”

    “DeNaples received a gaming license from the state in 2006. He was later charged with perjury for allegedly lying to the Gaming Control Board about his alleged ties to the Bufalino organized crime family. He has denied ties to organized crime.”

    Louis Denaple and daughter Lisa DeNaples:


    • That picture of the Naples looks like they smell. Not judging or nothin, but for some reason Mungo is reminded of an old saying. “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it will still be a pig.”

      • Gringo is of the impression that Mungo does in fact “judge” and I am ok with that because I agree!!

      • Mungo, Gringo Really now? There are rats and filth everywhere you look, right? You’re really missing out

  4. This county needs less development and more Dollar Generals. How dare this asshole create jobs and stimulate the economy. Us back woods Pennsyltuckians dont need none of yours developments and jobs. How can I keep collecting welfare if you create these job things. Looks like I’ll have to file for SSI. I ain’t getting up before no 1 o clocks for no jobs.

  5. whew thank god. its been what, a year a year and a half since the courthouse has been able to grease their palms

  6. I don’t get it. This brings jobs to the area and tax revenue to Big Beaver and the county. Yet we still moan and complain. Instead of always being outraged and mad at everything, we should see this as a win for the county. Job creation, visitors coming to the county that otherwise may not come here, etc…

    There’s always things to be mad and upset about. I just think sometimes we need to look at the good in this.

    • In five years ask the residents of big beaver if their property taxes have gone down. I will a venture a guess that that will not be the case. There are too many filthy hands involved for any of the money to reach the local populace. Remember, nobody is going to buy a house in Big Beaver, or anywhere in that school district to work at or be close to a MINI casino. This will be nothing more than a large social club. Think LMBA, IMBS, SOI, MPI.

    • This is not Jimmy Carter looking for another Habitat for Humanity site to help the locals. Conehead has jumped into the shark tank with Sleeper, and all of us will pay for this ill-fated swim.

    • That part’s fine. There’s a dirtball element that comes with a casino, but Big Beaver along Route 18 already has that, so that is what it is, too. The only part I have a problem with is using public funds for this project. The guy’s lucky to have gotten the gaming license from the state. He should pay for the development, not the taxpayers. We will never recoup the $40 million this guy wants for some dumb convention center. Again, who the hell is going to convene in Big Beaver except locals- and that’s an awful lot of weddings.

      • hey, maybe they could open an indoor ice skating rink in that convention/entertainment center..that would solve the ice Arena problem, heh heh..

      • You bet, Dan. I can’t believe the pittance in tax revenue the county will see from that cracker plant over the next 10 years.

    • 700 jobs, mostly 20 hours a week ,except for the executives and managers, no doubt relatives of all involved in this…Another big fuckin tax break like Shell. More ways for seniors to lose their SS money. The poconos have always been a beautiful resort area. What the hell does Big Beaver have to offer? Maybe a few more strip clubs for the lucky winners to blow their $ on. And an entertainment venue for more has been rock stars, at least Tady will be happy.. And this whole stinking thing was done
      “behind closed doors” with absolutely NO input from county taxpayers. They should build it next to the jail, so all thieving crook politicians can play the slots on Work Release. John Paul, thank God for your reporting! But you still need a printed version, i didn’t know your site existed till a friend recommended it. Give the BCtimes a run for their money!

    • @Sluggo……How dare you go against the group think of this blog? Don’t you realize that if anybody does anything that MIGHT have a positive spin on peoples lives, it is just a crooked attempt to strip cash out of the Debbie Downers hanging out in their parent’s basement. SHAME ON YOU.

    • Way to go Ghost of Sluggo (aahhhh Sluggo, I knew him well ) Everything cannot be negative always. It’s been our first reaction in this county since the mills closed.

  7. Where exactly is this property and who owns it now ????Did veon”s brother in law not own the bldg in beaver falls where a lot of the county offices are housed now .And i am not sure if was Veon or Lavalle who made the comment that state employees were pigs at the public trough .Takes a lot of nerve to come back here in my opine

    • Wonder if Veon requested the mauve colored hancuffs to match his tie in the above picture. Given his obsession with pinstripes it would make sense! Good ole Veon back at the hi roller table once again….thus proving narcissistic sociopathic politicians never really go away completely….sort of like hemorrhioids or herpes! Always seem to just flare right up when you rarely expect it.

  8. This is a little long, but please read it and reply if interested.

    Lol, so we already have heroin addicts thousands of DUI drivers and now we’re going to have people addicted to gambling, just what we need and Beaver County!

    Sure, this should bring tax dollars into Beaver County, however with the elected officials we currently have an office they are just trying to figure out how to keep the money in their own pocket. And it appears that’s why Beyond is attending most of these meanings because he wants to make sure he gets a piece of that action. Personally I’m sick of it. I am hoping you are too.

    I am sure our elected officials currently are sitting around a table, with Veon, figuring out how to keep that money in their pockets and not for the taxpayers of Beaver County. If all the money that comes from this casino and other projects that’s going on in Beaver County stayed with the county we would have a surplus but no matter what project is going on in the county it appears we just get further and further behind. also we have over 800 employees that works for the Beaver County Courthouse, that is ridiculous when larger County has half that many employees.

    Two departments that I can think of off the top of my head is the Sheriff’s Department (cut down to just enough to deliver warrants) and the Beaver County detectives, this department has to be handed over to the State Police that will cost the Beaver County residents zero!

    Wasn’t it Connie javens daughter that got a job at Friendship Ridge in their hair salon? After she went to the bank with the managers of Friendship Ridge and wrote out large checks, I believe three of them with her signature only when the checks required 3. So that was probably the deal to get her daughter a job there, now she’s looking into how she can get her daughter to manage the spa and salon at the new casino. all the other officials, probably already have promises from the casino operators that their friends and family will get all the high paying jobs at that casino!

    We only have about three and a half months until the next election. I currently work at election poll and only approximately 10% of taxpayers come and vote at local elections, we need to change that. I would assume 80% of those voters more than likely read the Beaver County Times “Fake news”. We need to get the truth out there we also have to get people to read this current article and all past articles from the beaver countian. JP might want to consider running an ad in the Beaver County Times with his information on his website and tell people to start reading the truth behind Beaver County. The swamp needs drained.

    I have a idea, and would love some help from some of you intelligent commenters, that appears to have a lot of knowledge about what’s going on in BC. I am ready to let my guard down, and would be will to set up a Facebook event page to organize a “truth be told protest’ in front of the Beaver County Courthouse with each person holding a sign with a “fact” about Beaver County . I would like to know who would be interested in participating? If so comment below. I also would like to know if anyone else would consider being an administrator of the Facebook event page? If so, I will do most of the organizing, I would just like suggestions from everybody on “facts” that can be placed on the posters. We can have everybody who volunteers they can p. M. The administrators which will provide them with a “fact” and they can make their own sign. So we can cover everything. I can also make extra signs for the people who do not want to actually say they are attending but show up so they too will have a sign.

    We we need to start spreading the news about JP and the Beaver Countian, example; I was at Huntington Bank in Brighton Township, a customer there said that he heard Beaver county was broke and our taxes might be raised by double-digits again, another customer there said that he seen in the Beaver County Times from to Commissioners that was a lie that we will end the year with a surplus in the Millions! I informed our customers and employees there about JP and the Beaver Countian, and what the truth was, none of them had ever heard of that website we need to change that. Speed the word!
    There is great people that reside in Beaver County there are some individuals that give intelligent comments on this website. EVERYONE CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN!;I never use my real name on this site only because I fear retaliation, however something needs to be done we only have three and a half monthS. Also if people fear retaliation and don’t want to PRIVATE MESSAGE ME I UNDERSTAND. But I can promise you I can keep all your information confidential I was a human resource director for years I know how important confidentiality is and can promise you none of your personal information would be released by me.

    We need to get these Crooks out of the courthouse and it has to be now.






    5.) AGAIN WILL YOU COME, HELP Beaver County be a better place?

    6.) Is there anyone that will help with providing me with “truth quotes” for posters.

    7.) If you state you will come, and provided with a “Truth Quote” will you make your own poster.

    Reason, we want as many “truth quotes” seen, so if everyone has a different one, more information will be shared.

    We must keep it professional, so people take us seriously, no name-calling or profanity, we will be doing this to drain the swamp, hopefully. I believe we should have a minimum of two days scheduled, one the last week in October and one the first week in November.

    Everyone one on here is always running their mouth, including me, be never seems to want to do anything about it! Time to change that. It don’t matter if you are Democratic or republican, we are all Americans, and I am sure we all want a great honest community to live in.

    Thank you in advance for your consideration.

    • i would be interested, but not if it has anything to do with Facebook. set up a website and you will get my email. and like i said in another comment, John paul, you MUST offer a print version of your reporting. not everyone is Online, esprcially older taxpayers like my parents.

      • I wish I could set up a website, not that computer savvy. I am just sick of complaining, here others complaining but not taking a stand. If you know how, I would be willing to help, and do a lot of work to get it organized. The question is how do we get in touch? Lol.

    • You do realize that even if the state police are responsible for ALL investigations in the county (when they get around to having time for them) we STILL need a detective bureau to assist our ADA’s in prosecution and supporting evidence to back up witness statements and support the forensic evidence provided by the STATE forensics lab, which by the way typically does not have the forensics done before trials anyhow. But hey! Since the state does such a fantastic timely job of processing the evidence given to them, why not let them drag their feet through all of the investigations as well….I’m POSITIVE Beaver County is SUPER high on their list of investigative priorities in the region.

      • James T Kirk – excellent info & perspective. You show an unusual wealth of knowledge. Reality, none the less! Thanks

    • Seriously? Are you so jaded that you just ASSUME your county officials are lining their pockets at every turn? Run for office yourself!! Straighten this all out, I’m sure you apparently are able do it. It’s a shame that everything is met with criticism in this county. I understand that, yes, there has been muck to rake. People have done wrong. Can you wait till you KNOW FACTS before chiming in on an issue this soon? There MAY, just MAY be some advantages to this. Truth is it’s too soon to know. None of you really have facts yet. JP does wonderful investigative reporting, but all he has to say is “County officials….government….” and you folks simply go off your rockers! Calm down, everyone. Your kid, your grandkid just might get a job out of something like this and not have to move away to try to get ahead in life. Relax

    • And I hear their getting a first class up scale restaurant too, to go along with that convention center in downtown Alighetto. Popeyes Chicken!!!

      • Really?! I was hoping for some fine, first class, upscale restaurants like an Olive Garden or a Red Lobster! Popeyes will have to do.

      • Beaver County should be lucky enough to get a Red Lobster, even a Popeye’s at this point. What are you happy with, ANOTHER spaghetti and fish sammich place, the crappy Hot Dog Shoppe or do you get all dressed and go into Beaver for a waffle and a glass of craft beer with the yuppies? HAHAHA

  9. Sorry, this is nothing more than a shady back room deal benefiting Betters and friends. Wonder how much cash got funneled to Dumb and Dumber (Camp and Amadio)?

  10. Too bad an independent special counsel (similar to Muller) cannot be appointed to look into this, remember we were sold a pack of lies on the Friendship Ridge Sale, and I am sure the courthouse family (Treasurer, Judge, etc.) already have all the managerial jobs filled, and no doubt this will be a “first” for a casino…hair salon contracted to…need I say more.

  11. Well now, we have our majority commissioners consorting with an ex-con and a mobster, and now Sainovich seems to be involved. Can’t help seeing potential for some shady goins on here. Also seems to me that the people of BC should have a voice in this.

    • It is a private business proposal of a sizable venture. How many times do citizens “have a voice” on the opening of a privately held corporation? Yes, a business venture of this size USUALLY ALWAYS meets with local and county governmental officials in the early stages of a development. Hell, that is preferable to a business entity just popping up unannounced and refusing to cooperate with YOUR representatives. Come on folks, learn SOMETHING about HOW your local, county and State government actually works!! You’d be amazed. Don’t worry about trying to learn anything about your Federal government at this point, we barely have a functional federal government. Get to know the laws that govern your elected officials. Please try it?

  12. Nice to see the naysayers here have to eat a big helping of crow. Our Man Mike, “The People’s Champ” has done it again, bringing development and needed jobs to our fair valley. He’s unstoppable.

    Just like the old song goes… He may get knocked down, but he gets up again. You ain’t ever gonna keep him down.

  13. Look, it’s good to see us get something, IF (EMPHASIZE IF) it is private development that we aren’t underwriting, IF (EMPHASIZE IF) the county looks to build on that and have other development around it, such as hotels, restaurants and IF (EMPHASIZE IF) we don’t just sit back and figure it will all come in on it’s own.

    Let’s be honest , this isn’t bad for this area. That site wouldn’t be home to Amazon East, it’s something different aside from another empty industrial park or another ministry or another health facility for our living dead.

  14. Beaver County Times is claiming the casino will make Big Beaver look like Cranberry, but when I look at their Mt. Airy casino, there appears to be very little growth around it. I wonder if John Paul could do an investigation into how much local money was put into that casino and how much additional development came after.

    • ICANREAD, If you need actually can read why don’t you go and research the impact a casino that is Across the state in another county. The BC is about Beacer County and JP is likely a little to busy to fill your requests. What next ask him to research the Kardashians?

    • Casinos generally don’t revitalize an area with a lot of other diverse development. BUT…. we haven’t seen ANYTHING revitalize this area with ANY development for over 40 years now. Do you truly think ANOTHER Industrial park will be the one that gets us going? So, take this project and go with it, IF (EMPHASIZE IF) it is private development that we aren’t underwriting. Really, we live in a vacuum here; we got to add something to this area to complement the high school sports and Senior Expos. Not everyone is happy watching shitty kid’s teams and going out for a free doughnut and blood pressure check.



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