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    Anyone else have issues with Berkheimer tax administrators? We paid our taxes to them the year that Central Valley switched to their services. They took too long to do our taxes and our check to them went “stale” and they are trying to get the money. We called them during this wait time to find out why our check hadn’t cleared and we were told they hadn’t been done yet, even though it was MONTHS after we filed. Apparently like a 1 1/2 years later they JUST got to my return and now want the check re-issued. For one person, Berkheimer cashed the tax payers check and she was hit with tons of fees because the check bounced. Like her, my money is spent now too, but they didn’t cash my check because it was stale. I know of one other person this happened to as well. I wonder if they would re-issue a refund check to ME if I lost my check and then found it stale???

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    They’ve been trying to screw me over, as well. I moved from my father’s house Industry in 2007, then to Hopewell in 2009. Despite submitting documentation for all of that, they continue to claim that I owe them taxes for Western Beaver SD and have tried hitting me with late fees, collections and penalties. After I submitted my stuff twice, I pretty much told them to piss off when they came back the 3rd time.

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    They first came after my husband for proof that he paid (which he did, ages ago to Centax), and now they’re after me. Berkheimer took on that mess from Centax. They need to prove that I didn’t pay, rather than vice versa. And how has farming this out saved the township any money? Dolores Gibson was doing just fine.

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    Berkheimer asks us to be patient with them while they switch over from central tax, but refuses to be patient with the tax payers when it comes to their own mistakes. Any re issued checks should go along with service fee reductions. Think of all the small little charges a company has no problem issuing you, then repeat the same back. There is nothing stating that you do not have the right to suitably charge Berkheimer fees for such negligent activities. You just need to be prepared to back it up. If the company causes you grief due to their lack of competence, charge them. If they do not pay, keep billing and add reasonable late fees. When the amount billed becomes over 500, spend the 60 or so dollars and deal with them at the magistrate level. Keep good records of all transactions, be truthful and well mannered and a good magistrate will see the situation in your favor. If it even makes it that far, most likely the company will either pay or drop the situation rather than deal with going to the magistrate every week. You don’t have to deal with thievery and negligence from a company just because they say you do, you just have to keep good records, be in the right and willing to stand up for yourself.

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    Elio Zupick

    They are a bunch of assholes. Got me for 3 gs. they need to be taught a lesson.

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