The Spector Sports Report For October 08th 2012

This Weekend’s Games In Review

Rochester 28 Over Neshannock 21

The stage was set for Beaver Countian’s game of the week in the Borough of Rochester for a battle of two undefeateds. The Lancers jumped out to a 14 to 7 lead, on the way to fulfilling my prediction of a win by Neshannock. But the Rams scored before halftime on a 69 yard run by Dante Marsick to go down by 1. In the second half Rochester continued to control the game behind Marsick, who proved to be an all around workhorse with 200 yards rushing, 65 receiving, and 3 touch downs. Coach Gene Matsook reloads with another running back for the Rams’ long legacy: Chalmers, Laws, Johnsons, and now Dante Marsick.

Spector’s Spike: As solid as Rochester looked, one has to think how much better they could have been if they hadn’t lost some of their players due to transfers in the off season. Usually Class A football doesn’t leave me inspired, but I was impressed by the two teams Friday night, especially Rochester. (If only someone could fix the potholes in that town, trying to get to the game was like entering a war-torn country.)

South Fayette 52 Over Quaker Valley 0

Quaker Valley as excepted got blown out in every facet of the game by South Fayette, giving up over 350 yards passing. A 52 to 0 loss. What more can I say?

Aliquippa 49 Over Freedom 3

Quips took it 49 to 3 which means yes, Freedom actually scored (yay for them). The team managed to kick a 29 yard field goal in the 3rd quarter (when they were already down by 42 points). Guess that was the Bulldogs’ moral victory for the night. Quips had nearly 400 yards rushing, lead by Travon Henry’s 144 yards on 14 carries. Coach Mike Zjmanjic played everyone on his roster that was eligible to play for most of the game.

Spector’s Spike: With their next opponent being Ellwood City, Quips will remain untested for yet another week. It’s still not too late for the former Center head coach and Beaver resident Don Phillips to resign before his old pals roll into town.

New Castle 51 Over Blackhawk 25

An amazing performance by Cole Chiappialle with 240 yards rushing and 4 touchdowns, along with University of Pittsburgh recruit Chandler Kincaide’s 135 yards passing. But it still wasn’t enough to take a win after their defense got tore apart like it was a Pop Warner team. The Cougars dropped to an overall record of 1 and 5.

Spector’s Spike: As I said last week, if the Cougars lost their payoff chances were just about gone, and long time coach Joe Hamilton might be gone along with them. A contingent of boosters have been chomping at the bit to push the Hall of Fame coach into retirement.

Not to agree or disagree with their movement, but if not for the freshman class being moved to varsity this year, they would have had only 20some players on the roster. Which raises two questions: How in the hell? – and – Why?

Hopewell 10 Over Ambridge 6

This wasn’t one of my key games to watch last week, but Hopewell still remains in the playoff hunt by beating Ambridge 10 to 6.

Central Valley 42 Over Moon 9

Central Valley shredded Moon with ease 42 to 9, thanks to a great performance by Robert Foster. Speaking of thanks, Foster was seen on Twitter a week ago thanking Pitt for coming to the game. He was asked if Alabama was still in the picture, his reply: “Maybe if they show me some love.” Show some love they did, with the head recruiter for Bama making an appearance in Center Township this week to watch as Foster scored 3 touchdowns.

Beaver Falls 34 over New Brighton 31

Spector’s Spotlight took heat from some New Brighton faithful for not featuring their game against rival Beaver Falls in the Battle of the Little Brown Jug. Well here’s the attention from me you were asking for: With a 24 to 7 lead at half time, it looked like the Lions started to sip a little too much from that little brown jug, somehow blowing their lead under the direction of Joe Greco. The Lions gave up 27 points in the second half as BF won 34 to 31.

The only thing brown New Brighton managed to take home with them was in the coach’s jockeys after that debacle.

Upon Further Review

We do have some good news for New Brighton fans, as your favorite son Terry Francona is back in the dugout as manager of the Cleveland Indians — The very same team his father (and New Brighton resident) Tito Francona played for.

We have to give Terry credit, he must really love the dugout — His last stint as the Boston Red Sox’ manager (where he won a world series) ended with him being fired. The Boston media claimed his players were drinking and gambling during games, and his wife left him mid-season over an alleged affair (he denied reports that he may have been addicted to prescription pain killers).

You’d think a job making nearly 2 million dollars on ESPN (working just a few days a week as a baseball analyst) would have been refreshing for Francona last season (not to mention a lot less stressful)…. Guess not.

From The Press Box

Syracuse 14 to 13 over Pitt, Penn State upsets Northwestern, and Steelers hold on to win 16 to 14… Whew.

I’ll be back again on Thursday to announce Spector’s Picks of the week!



  1. Wtf its Pitt losses 14 to 13 against syracuse

  2. But great article, lice the francona and Blackhawk shit

  3. Greco did choke, bring back Ursida or Carver ,,,Mitch got job when talent was down

  4. HAMILTON controls the fucking board, and half of them dont even realise it. And Jack Fullen pulls the strings, they wont wake up until thier is 25 kids on the team. To busy fighting over new school being built, good job stop new one but still spend a to on new one.. LAWYERS MAKE ALL THE MONEY check out how much some made on the BOND you would fucking puke

  5. joe hamilton has won so much for so long and ran a respected program with quality players.

    Time has come for change and its been awhile!

    his coaching tree has been limited 1 i can recall went to freedom jim wilson an took a coach with him that had only coached varsity 2 years.. they failed and where only hired from the success of the program

    Players do not want to play for him they have been to breast feed by dads in the junior ranks from termites to midgets still some talent but not where it was, star players have gone to west alleganey , bfalls ect to break away, the youth program is more about a social cirlce of adultery now ,masking it with doing it for the kids , with great focus on the BCCI fundraiser , outsiders have taken lead an resulted in what we have, add a coach that is to old school as the kids would say and asst coaches that players dont like NOT ALL, but a majority you have this

  6. Yeah i agree with CAP great site as well, how good would rochy be even more so if transfers didnt get recruited out of the hub?

    You know black kids always want to move to monaca and center twp.

    But we move on and win and win anyways, ALSO LOL LOL LOL new brighton had the falls and choked, way to go MATSOOK , GRECO had 1 good year back in the day riding ursidas nuts then he was a bust encore bust again

  7. Im glad to see John Paul has someone writing sports now!!!! Patrick this need to come out on Saturday or Sunday not Monday because when it’s old news The Times sports section sucks footballs and with some work Beaver Countian could kick its ass


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