Spector’s Picks – October 04 2012

Spector’s Key Matchups Of The Week

Blackhawk (1-4) at New Castle (2-3) 7:30pm

Simply put the loser just about kisses the playoffs goodbye. Blackhawk had a heart-breaker loss (41-40) after blowing a lead against Beaver last week. The Cougars ride on the back of Chandler Kincade who has over 1,100 yards passing, but the defense has tarnished his performances giving up an average of 28 points per game — With the Red Hurricanes scoring 25 points a game.

Spector’s Pick: Start up the rumor mill for the Cougars’ legendary coach Joe Hamilton, a young team with a depleted roster means New Castle wins it by 1.

Quaker Valley (2-3) at South Fayette (5-0) 7:00pm

With the addition of Cornell players the Quakers are competitive in football not soccer, scoring 20 points a game behind the arm of Burke Mosers’ 750 yards passing. South Fayette has been untested thus far and rolling up big numbers with heralded QB Brett Brumbaugh behind center averaging 50 points a game.

Spector’s Pick: The Quakers always will have next week’s game to win, but they may win the battle of who has the most fans with Mercedes or BMWs in the parking lot. South Fayette rolls 55 to 7.

Freedom (2-3) at Aliquippa (5-0) 7:00pm

Freedom had made some noise this year and it wasn’t coming from Conrail Yards or tractors on the farm. Kahlil Character leads with 8 touchdowns as the Bulldogs average 20 points a game. Aliquippa is rolling hardcore as usual averaging 52 points a game on offense with Dravon Henry and Terry Swanson getting 13 yards a carry.

Spector’s Pick: If Freedom thought Ron Sofo ran away from them fast, call 911 this could become criminal. Quips 63-0.

BeaverCountian.com’s Game Of The Week

Neshannock (5-0) at Rochester (5-0) 7:00pm

The top matchup in the WPIAL Class A Division. Yes, Neshannock is undefeated and Rochester is as usual the team to beat in the BIG 7 conference. The Lancers are high scoring at 43 points per game behind dual threat Ernie Burks’ 600 yards passing / 400 rushing and Eli Owens’ 8.5 yards per carry. Gene Matsook just reloads winning games by nearly 24 point margins and this year’s featured back is Dante Marsick getting over 9 yards a touch — The rams defense is staunch for yet another year.

Spector’s Pick – Something new’s coming to Rochester and no it’s not another “roundabout”, they lose to someone other than Clairton. Neshannock by 7.

Stay tuned on Monday for The Spector’s Report: Wrap ups of the weekend’s games, rumblings after the whistle, and no holds barred commentary on area sports.



  1. Nice some sports , the times didnt have anything this morning about ROCHY game

    but spector is wrong on one game rochy will smack neshannock they never have beaten us.

  2. hey CAP what about bfalls game its for the brown jug, but new brighton does suck why mention it i guess. you got a TWITTER handle or account?

  3. Yeah I beg to differ, Rochy is going to win this game, its bigger than a football game this year, these kids are going all the way, Dante has already dedicated this season to the Late DeAndre Moon, these kids got alot of heart this year, it’s going to be a good game, but Rochy will come away with the win!!! Go Dante #28 Go!!!

  4. Senior running back Dante Marsick is having a monster year with 767 yards rushing and over 16 touchdowns scored. Marsick is running behind a tremendous offensive line anchored by Todd Weischedel and Mike Bittenbender, just saying already 767 rushing!!!

    • What an amazing night for Marsick, and The Rochester Rams team. I am so proud of all our boys that put their whole hearts out on that field last night. I also want to thank you Dante for always pointing out that you have an amazing o-line. You guys are a great group of kids. I enjoy watching you all grow from game to game. Donte, you have great talent!!!!! And you are a great kid, you keep your head held high and you will go far in your life, we all are here to support you! Mike Bittenbender, did one heck of a job last night being placed in a possition he has never played in his life. Center, wow I am so proud of you son. So proud of all our boys! We love you! Congrats to you all

  5. Could be the end of Hamilton

  6. AGREE ALIQUIPPA is amazing how good they are speed to burn

    they got 5 guys that are interchangeable but the amazing thing is how good the DEFENSE is.

    Freedom is soft quips could score 80 if they choose

    But i have to say i love the RON SOFO remark that was good!

    I personally will be at the rochester game i do agree its the game of the week, but class A is so bad just a handful of teams that are good! BUT i think rochy will WIN 26 – 13 neshannock cant be legit.

    also @ andrea marsick young dante needs to dedicate is season in memory maybe but more so to himself , family and teammates. not soley to MOON, that should be a lesson of what not to be doing and how easy it is to mess up in life, wrong place, wrong friends, wrong choices = bad outcome.

    • Dante is very dedicated to himself and his team-mates, but is also dedicated to his fellow team-mate that lost his life, and at the end of this, cause we are going all the way, there will be a bigger picture, a time to talk to the young youth about violence and decisions that can change the rest of your life, so don’t criticize my son for trying to be a positive influence at the end of the day…

  7. WHAT no love for GENEVA we play BETHANEY?

    But is nice to see some sports, how about the rest of the VALLEYS high school games, like beaver this week ect. save me from going on the times site!

  8. LOL i didnt know geneva still had a team i thought reeves field was for BF games.

    BFALLS over NEW BRIGHTON by 30 , biggest game in this area is WEST VIRGINIA at TEXAS , i hope wvu gets creamed.


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