Spector’s Picks – November 15 2012

Only two teams remain in the WPIAL playoffs from Beaver County! Below is the hottest scouting report in the Valley, fresh from the desk of “Cap” Spector.

Class AA Quarter Final Game

Aliquippa Quips (11-0) vs Jeanette Jayhawks (10-1)
Where: Peters Township High School
When: Friday at 7:30pm

Spector’s Report: This will be a classic match up between two teams that have met each other time and time again over the years. In fact, these two teams met for the WPIAL Championship last year, with the Quips prevailing 14 to 7. The Quips truly haven’t been challenged by a WPIAL team since then, and haven’t lost since the 2010 Championship against South Fayette.

South Fayette is still alive in the playoffs, so people may get to see the rematch they’ve been waiting for if Quips get past the Jayhawks.

The Quips are fast and nasty, behind the best offensive line in the WPIAL. They average over 50pts per game, with Malik Shegog (7 td passes) orchestrating at QB. Dravon Henry, the 5’11 190lb junior RB, leads the offense with over 1100 yards rushing and 22 tds. Henry has already been offered a full scholarship by Ohio State (with Pitt considering). But he isn’t alone, with Terry Swanson (5’9 190lbs), another junior running back having over 800 yds and 17tds.

The Quips’ defense is only giving up an average of 3 pts per game, their First Team has only been scored on once. But that first team runs about 15 deep and they’ve yet to be challenged this year. They are fast and hit.

Jayhawks are also a powerhouse, with only one close loss to Washington. They are high scoring too, averaging over 40pts a game. The man who dictates that tempo is QB Seth Miller, with 780 yds rushing and 400 passing, he keeps other team’s defenses off balance. His counter parts Jordan Edmunds (900yds rushing and 14tds) and Shavonte Craft (nearly 800yds 14tds), make for a classic rushing battle behind a big line.

Spector’s Pick: Jeannette is the real deal, and this match-up looks great on paper. But the Quips are sick with everything and nobody’s really been able to come close to matching them so far. People have been waiting all year to see them play South Fayette for the title…. Wait no longer….. Aliquippa takes it by 28!

Class AAA Quarter Final

Central Valley (9-2) vs West Mifflin (10-1)
Where: North Allegheny high school
When: Friday at 7:30pm

Spector’s Report: Central Valley is no stranger to being this far in the playoffs, in its 3rd year they have never seen anything less. West Mifflin is fairly new to the scene too, and managed to pick up some key skill players they’ve been lacking with the Duquense School District now closed.

Central Valley has seen a roller coaster of attention all year, with a roster full of talent and one of the nation’s top recruited players in Rob Foster. The 6’3 195lb WR/RB/DB hasn’t disappointed, with over 700yds receiving, 400yds rushing, and 20 touchdowns But he isn’t alone, sophomore phenomena Jordan Whitehead has over 900yds and 12tds.

They’re a potent team, but they lost a key trigger man when the starting QB went down in the last game of the year, a loss to non-conference Beaver Falls. But sophomore John George has taken over well, and with targets like Rob Foster and Anthony Williams, Coach Mark Lyons has some peace of mind. The one thing that must keep Lyons up at night is his defense, which has at times looked both top notch or out of place this year.

West Mifflin is a very physical team that will look to capitalize on the inconsistent front seven of Central Valley. They’ve got a big line and rushing attack, lead by shifty Jim Wheeler (27tds and over 2000 yds rushing). Their QB is the big and multi-talented Derrick Fulmore, who’s got 700yds passing and 700yds rushing — A combo that kills teams. A solid defense has the boys from Kennywood thinking title.

Spector’s Pick: West Mifflin is good and can run the ball. Their solid line and defense makes them hard to beat.

Central Valley has shown glimpses of being great as well, but it’s the defense that has been questionable all season long. Now suffering from injuries, some are writing them off pointing to last week’s tight game that was decided by a field goal.

But Central Valley has talent to burn, along with 3 or 4 former head coaches acting as assistants. Mark Lyons gets control of his troops….. Central Valley 31 to 27!



  1. Good picks go CV and Quips

    Is the while Aliquippa team going to make the all beavercountian team? Throw foster in to

  2. The quips are nasty as hell.

    CV solid but think they dropping this one

  3. just a thought

    hey what is the average GPA of aliquippa that would a good story

    what is it for Central Valley??

  4. Hey good article Monday. Anyways didn’t know how how potent west mifflin was hooky shit , was going to quip game but thinking CV and miff now


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