Rochester Superintendent Under “Investigation”

Carolyn Wilkovich (left) talks with a parent in this file photo

Rochester Superintendent Carolyn Wilkovich has been suspended from the Rochester Area School District.

“By official action of the Rochester School Board of Directors, Carolyn Wilkovich has been placed on administrative leave” said Board Member Aaron Brant.

Brant said Wilkovich was under “investigation”, but would not specify who was “investigating” her, or why. “All I can say is that there is currently an investigation going on and [Carolyn Wilkovich] has been placed on leave [...] In order for the investigation efforts to be completed efficiently, it is important we do not disclose anything” said Brant.

Former Rochester Superintendent Kathryn Gruber has been named the interim superintendent in her absence. District Solicitor Myron Sainovich was not immediately available for comment.


  • Why it took this long I will never understand. I can’t understand why she was given the superintendent position in the first place. I remember when certain people were running for the school board vowed they would never put her in that position, but then supported her in her efforts to become the superintendent. What ever the reason is behind the investigation, I hope she never returns to the district. I’m tired of paying school taxes for a school that I can’t send my son to, specifically due to Carolyn’s incompetence along with many other factors.

  • this is coming from the same CHILD that use to tell me all last year with the crazy look in his eye that he would do ANYTHING to get her out of rochester. All he did was trash talk her and say that he would do anything to get her suspended….

  • I am sorry for those of you in your district unhappy with her. reading this above comment concerns me. I have known Carolyn my entire life and I know without a shadow of a doubt that what I feel is being implied in the prior comment is false. I wont state what I am implying for fear of spreading rumors but I think the above comment implies one major thing that she would never do. While ive never worked with her, and my kids have never been in her district, i do know that she is a professional woman and she is highly respected. Any indecent thing being implied here I guarantee you is false. Like her as your superintendent or not, she is still human, and an educated woman and she would not endanger herself, her reputation or her sons reputation in the manner you are implying. I look forward to an honest investigation and also one that will come back FALSE, as I know.she is incapable of what youre accusing. Like her or not, shame on all of you for thinking she would put her educational career in jeopardy this way!!

  • from everyting I read and was told over the last couple years she has been nothing but a cancer for the district. Remember the good Ol days with Mr Hosie and Bill Douglas Its a shame not only the borough council is incompetent the school district admin and school board are equally incompetent.. as are most in BC

  • my son goes there and we’ve had nothing but problems. had to go to the advocate and everything. i had many run ins with her. she never takes the blame for nothing that school does. i also heard from a lot of higher ups, that the whole school district got lots of lawsuits against them.

  • Michaelann you have no idea what this women truly is…Respected, professional I think not. Why don’t you talk to the staff that worked with her? Ask them why their own children do not attend RASD. But it really does not matter now, does it? She left quickly, this does not surprise me. I along with other parents am thrilled she is gone !

  • That’s great ,she makes way to much money anyway!!! My sources tell me ,its about asbestos getting leaked into the high school by the workers ,n she turned a blind eye!!! We will see if that is correct soon enough !

  • There’s more to it than asbestos..this woman thought she was above everyone and her mini-me is not going to be far behind if she doesn’t watch her step

  • Isn’t Aaron Brant the student board member who was ‘censored’ by the school district @ one time? Why is he now the spokesperson for the board? I guess those Rochester Republicans know what their doing.

  • Very interesting. Why do we keep her around? If it is true, get rid of her. It is that simple. If her mini me is just as crooked show her the doors as well. Rochester isn’t a rich town but we think it’s ok to pay these outragaeous salaries to people with no integrity. Don’t give the boot with nice padded severance packages either.