Editorial: Shipping Elephants To Harrisburg?


“There were zero phone calls, emails, text messages within the last several weeks … There was no attempt to contact me about this article.”

- State Representative Jim Christiana as quoted in Christiana, commissioners keep a-fussin’ and a-fightin’ by JD Prose

I will note once again that I did attempt to contact Representative Christiana on more than one occasion before publishing my article.

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Subject: Shipping Elephants To Harrisburg? Heh.
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Hey Jim, John Paul here.  I'm going through campaign finance reports from
all the local Reps, and something peaked my interest in one of yours:

10/26/2012 USPS $1,895 overnight pkg to Harrisburg

What on earth did you ship, an elephant haha?

- JP

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  • It was probably a typo See this is the problem I have with gay people they think they know everything. JP go on ups and fedex websites and see what it costs to over night a letter.

    • author

      My assumption was a decimal error as well, however I can’t just publish based on assumptions.

      The campaign finance report zeroed out with $1,895 and did not balance with $18.95 Seeking a proper explanation was the appropriate thing to do.

      As for your generalization of gay men, I would suggest you try talking to a woman and find out what she may say about heterosexual males and their egos.

      Thanks for being a reader of the Beaver Countian!

    • Let me start by saying that I don’t in any way support homosexuality. However, with that said,bigwilly how the hell do you make the leap from a person being gay to that person thinking they know everything. Even after wasting several minutes of my life trying to make that connection, I just can’t figure out how you come to that conclusion. Not to mention, your only problem with somebody being gay is that, according to you, they think they know everything? Really? No issue based on religion or moral values or tradition? Should we assume that you would go for a little gay action yourself so long as it’s with a partner who can control his ego and not act as if he knows everything? I’m thinking you’d like a submissive man, perhaps?

      If you have an issue about the story, fine, comment to that effect, but if all you can contribute is a personal attack about the author’s sexuality, then kindly refrain. It really makes you look terribly uneducated when you post is a thought regurgitated from the previous comment along with a personal attack that has absolutely nothing to do with the story.

      I have been viewing this site for several months now and I have yet to see here, or elsewhere for that matter, JP ever go out of his way to promote his sexuality. He writes stories which in many cases (I’d even go so far as to say most cases) are the result of some actual investigative journalism which is very hard to come by here in Beaver County.

      JP, your response to bigwilly’s comment is well said, and I appreciate your decision to refrain from writing stories based on assumptions. That decision is in large part what separates your site from other local news sources. I agree that seeking a proper explanation is appropriate and I hope that you continue to follow through like this with other stories you research.

      • You don’t in any way “support” homosexuality. I didn’t realize that this was a topic or lifestyle that requires your support.

    • Definition of SUPPORT (from http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/support)
      2 a (1) : to promote the interests or cause of (2) : to uphold or defend as valid or right : advocate

      @accorcdingtome, perhaps “support” was not the best verb to use, but it is nevertheless accurate as to my position on the subject. I do not promote the interests of homosexuality nor do I defend homosexuality as right.

      I do agree that homosexuality does not require my support as evidenced by the fact that I do not support it and yet, and I think JP could vouch for the following, there are homosexuals in existence. The very point of my previous comment is that the author’s sexuality is in no way related to the content of the story, nor should it be the basis for judging the story’s validity.

      Quite frankly, your reply comment focusing on a lifestyle or preference is completely irrelevant and in my opinion puts you in the same category as bigwilly. I am going to go out on a limb and guess that the comment section of this site was intended to allow readers of the Beaver Countian to comment on the posted stories rather than being used to debate sexuality.

      If your intent was to provoke some sort of debate on gay rights or if your intent was to bait me into engaging in some sort of bashing homosexuals, I am sorry to disappoint. I visit this site for the journalism, not the petty online pissing matches in the comments.

      By the way, I noticed that you had a thought on my comment, but I don’t see anything in the comment posted from you about the actual story, which makes me think even more that the high point of your days would likely be to stir up some controversial debates online. Did you have anything to contribute that actually pertains to this story? I admit my earlier rant at bigwilly had sidetracked me a bit, but you will notice that I did get to my original thought about the story which was my appreciation for JP following through and backing up his stories.

  • Ooh my the damage is done Jimmy the damage is fine nobody to fault but your self

    Future campaign mailers will read

    CHRISTIANA SPENT OVER 3 grand on cigars

    100 dollars on hair cut and over night mail foot nearly 2 grand

    That will be the down fall looks bad looks like the dirty old domocrats like veon

    It won’t be a dem that beats you in the new district it will be a a fellow Republican.. Day bye bye

  • @Whiteguy: Regardless of the content, your comments are articulate, thought-out, grammatical and on topic — and enhance the discussion. It’s a refreshing change from ignorance and negativity. Keep posting. We need more educated people here.