Sheriff’s Office Accuses Secretary Of Producing Secretly Recorded Video


A secretary in the Sheriff’s Office has been accused of producing a secretly recorded video which was the subject of a recent investigative report by the Beaver Countian. The video may show Sheriff George David violating a state statute involving concealed carry permit fees that he was warned about just days before by the Pennsylvania Department Of The Auditor General.

Sources inside of the Sheriff’s Office say Chief Deputy Jay Alstadt has told Stephanie Guidice, a clerk in the department, that Sheriff David now “knows” that she was the source of the tape. Sources say the allegations came after officials in the Sheriff’s Office reviewed footage from security cameras.

Guidice has reportedly refused to meet with Sheriff’s Office Solicitor Myron Sainovich about the video, and has contacted union representatives.

Sheriff David had previously accused Guidice of hiding evidence in a case against Larry A Hicks, a man the Sheriff had falsely accused of preparing to commit mass murder at Friendship Ridge back in February. District Attorney Anthony Berosh came to Guidice’s defense at the time, saying the alligations were unfounded — an investigation by the county’s Human Resources Department found that disciplinary actions taken by David against Guidice were unjustified.

In May, longtime Sheriff’s Deputy Donna Knopp came forward with allegations that David had insinuated she should lie in order to help substantiate yet another false claim he reportedly made against Guidice. David had accused Guidice of not locking the door to her office at night in violation of policy. Surveillance video later showed that another secretary in the office, Kay Bisceglia, who is close to David, had been unlocking the door in the morning before allegedly telling people it was already open when she arrived.

Stephanie Guidice has been a clerk in the Sheriff’s Office for the past 17 years without a single disciplinary write-up being placed in her personnel file.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, this reporter is a named victim in criminal charges filed against Sheriff George David by the Pennsylvania State Police.


  • stephanie needs to dye her hair blond and needs to start acting like a air head so georgie will stop picking on her :love:

  • I really think its time for Mrs Guidice to own the county. Alstadt and David need sued personally as well. Its a shame that a county employee with an outstanding work history for many years has to put up with that. The County Commissioners better step in and do something. They , (The Commissioners) have done nothing yet and have been a huge disappointment in protecting there employees against a crazy lunatic. It is clear that he is not going to stop harassing Mrs Guidice until she quits. As for Alstadt, there is such a thing as VICARIOUS LIABILITY, you along with David and the county should be SUED and removed from office. Mrs Guidice needs an attorney and Im sure theres one out there who has been following this all out WORK PLACE HARASSMENT.

    • The commissioners havent even said they think georgie should resign they stay quiet and i think their all still supporting him behind the scenes they ALL need voted out for letting him do all of this to beaver county!

    • Just think of the stress that she has all the time she does need to seek a lawyer but go after the Sherrif and Jay the county is not the problem but they need to grow a set of balls and clean house soon.For the special blondes there time will come when Sherrrif cant bail them out.

    • In all civil lawsuits of this nature, the suer goes for the deep pockets. In this case it will be the citizens of Beaver County. This will be your fee for just reading a blog about these actions rather than collectively demanding from county leadership that they stop. As i said in an earlier post, this all smells like lawyers full employment actions.

  • How is it that Sheriff David can make accusations against Stephanie on numerous occasions and can’t be held accountable for creating a hostile work environment. Isn’t there something that her union can do to protect her against this? Not to say that it would be justified, but it would be one thing if this were happening behind closed doors and no one knew about it; but how many countless people know about how bad she is treated there, now, and yet the sheriff is still allowed to get away with terrorizing and mistreating her? How long will this go on before someone finally steps in and says “that’s enough?” Why are so many people down there afraid to stand up to Sheriff David? Can someone explain all this to me, please?

    • @flyingjunkie…Well said, I couldn’t agree more with your post! We hear all the scuttlebutt about how a few of the secretaries are treated, and maybe getting rid of the 2 blonde instigators is a good first step, as those two are Georgies little moles and trouble makers! I sure hope an attorney will help Stephanie with this because she really is working in a HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT!!! :erm:

      • She doesn’t need an attorney, If she/they can’t get anyone else to help I know how to file a 1983-1984 Civil Rights Cause of Action. No courthouse employees did this and I am positive but they can still be covered by the Whistle Blowers Law. I can help her/them file a Complaint under this. She can file a Complaint on her own with the EEOC and or Labor Relations in Pittsburgh These people don’t play around with this kind of stuff. She can bring criminal charges under Harassment with the local police or get the equivalent of a PFA, a Restraining Order against the Sheriff. They have a lot of options. My email is Spike

      • Dennis, she needs an attorney. Not someone with a personal issue with the sheriff that she would be involved in a lawsuit with.
        This is you holding yourself out as a professional in the law.
        I have a funny feeling that she is smart enough to know that she will need a very good lawyer in order to proceed in court. I REALLY hope that she retains the best that money can buy, and gets him for every penny possible.
        NOBODY, I don’t care if you are Attila the Hun, deserves to work in such an unpleasant, unprofessional, and horribly hostile environment. NOBODY.

      • Nikki, I offered her help if she didn’t have any. And you telling others what they need is out of your job classification. I have never held myself out as anything other than what I am. You mean after all this someone thinks I am a lawyer? Only about a thousand statements on the internet from me. No thank you, I would be embarrassed to call myself a lawyer the way far to many of them behave. My daughter is a lawyer that opted to start a business as she couldn’t deal with the dishonesty and frankly if she was practicing law I wouldn’t admit it as I don’t think the way many do it is honorable. She is a successful business person that never did a case and of that I am proud. I don’t have an issue with the Sheriff, I filed what I did to protect our Constitutional rights as all I have to do is move my firearm 12 inches and I can open carry. Its an oath we Marines take so its not about me or the Sheriff its about the Constitution. Do you think I would do all this work and spend the time when all I need to do is move my firearm 12 inches? I just spent 4 hours writing a pre trial Memorandum and have hundreds of hours in this case. Only the premise matters. And I consider this an opportunity, not a challenge. The entire matter is silly and permits are nothing more than a money making scam. I am also doing this to show people they can go on their own and win and look at all the people that learned you don’t need a license to practice law. As a matter of fact that has gotten a couple people interested once they learn how little it takes. Any reasonably qualified layperson could win her case but that was not the only thing I offered as the EEOC and labor relations are very good. Nikki, law is hardly any intellectual challenge all you have to be able to do is be able to read and know how to get the information you don’t have. I have some hobbies that do take brains but law is hardly one of them. I have been sending people to these agencies for many years and they get help and that is why I gave her other options. I’m not complaining I tried to help her I’m sorry if that bothers you. I don’t see anyone else trying to help. There are talkers and there are doers be a doer be. Like you, I care that she has to work under these conditions as I know for certainty no one at the court house was involved. Spike

      • @Dennis- I wasn’t attacking you. I was simply stating that she needs to hire a professional attorney, one who doesn’t have a serious personal issue with the sheriff. I was not aiming anything at you or your family.
        BTW, every article here that mentions the word sheriff is NOT an open invitation for you to regurgitate the same tired diatribe regarding your personal issues with sheriff David, as I am pretty well assured that 99% of the ppl here know about it.

  • Georgie can’t wait to fire Stephanie but refuses to take action on John Fratangeli. I said it befor and I’ll say it again, he commited a crime yet this twerp (Definition of twerp-one who goes around smelling bicycle seats) walks around like he’s 6 foot tall. That also goes for Ochs and Tibolet. Hopefully their day will come ! Keep your head up Stephanie !

  • This county is such a hot mess. David should have NEVER been allowed to get away with the shit that he has for such a long time. I highly doubt that this all came about at one time (ie: he snapped), but instead, has been slowly building and building, and then has turned into this mess right here. I feel very sorry for the people who have to work under/for David, but somehow, I have a feeling, even if the county were to remove David from his position, it would still be a hostile work environment, created by David’s loyal followers.
    Such a shame. This county has become quite the laughingstock. (but really, no one is laughing…)

  • Z statements where signed and by a deputy, to the point they where pulled and refiled that is falsified record to law enforcement agency. The charges have to come or he already got his queen for a day stamp for something else. Maybe just maybe the ball got dropped? But I can’t see that being the case by tony berosh he is savy and a wise msn that wouldn’t put his legacy in jeopardy.

    stay tuned….

    as far as video goes the circle jerk of insiders couldn’t crack a nut smashed on a floor from a dingo shit jay was trained by demery on investigations…. Georgie never did a report and if a pigeon didn’t give him a perp it didn’t get solved, Capt still trying to figure out how coffee comes out the machine, and the other one still can’t figure out a car isn’t a hotel room and still looking for a doctor do he can fill in the sleeves of his shirts again..

    • district attorney tony bs had his nuts shrivel into craisins about 20 years ago with all this corruption beaver county needs a new da that has a set!

    • Tony Berosh is probably the only person in Beaver County who could put an end to all of this. If he started holding people accountable others would start to think twice. But I hear he doesn’t want the headache so I think everyone’s just well fucked. :scared:

    • @Act 111…your post is a good one, but a little hard to understand..can you be a little more specific on your second paragraph? :smirk:

  • So did you let Stephanie Guidice give you her info knowing what she had done was illegal, or is it that you couldn’t care less a snitch’s well being because a story about G.D. stealing $19 from the taxpayers was just too juicy of a story to not toss her under a bus for?

    • You don’t think that corruption in your county is important? WHOMEVER gave JP the tape/info obviously has some sort of a moral compass. All we know for sure was that the sheriff did this and was captured on tape that ONE time, so that $19 dollars may not seem so big to you. But, did you happen to stop and think, “Hey, he’s been sheriff for a while, and who knows how often he did something like this for another one of his ‘buddies’?”
      NO. OF COURSE YOU DIDN’T. Or possibly you did, but decided to cast that thought aside and try to stir up shit.
      Those who are constantly trying to stir up shit, should be forced to lick the spoon.
      That $19 dollars may not seem like a lot to you, but it’s not just “big government” he is ripping off and causing damage to, ITS US. THE COUNTY, AND IT’S RESIDENTS.
      THIS is why our county is such a hot mess. Rampant corruption, and NO ONE keeping it in check.

    • No one said she did this and I bet she could of get abetter story than this 19 is nothing to what we wasted on all the other bullshit he does.Anyway what about those fancy cameras thay got or is that a waste of our tax dollars yhat dont work.

    • As was stated by JP in his last article about this, you’re making statements and accusations about a video that you’ve never seen from a source that you don’t know. None of us have seen the video and JP is maintaining the secrecy of his confidential source. Do you really think that Stephanie, as a law enforcement officer, would be naive enough to break a well-known law and circumvent obtaining a warrant to film Sheriff David.

      That being said, I don’t care who took the video or why. The only thing I can say is props to that person for having the guts to take the video. $19 may seem like a small amount, but, like others have said, we don’t know how many times Sheriff David has done this and for how long. At the end of the day, the money that he was stealing from us by not charging the amount required by statute is coming out of our collective pockets via increased taxes when the current tax base isn’t enough to cover the shortfall created by the sheriff.

      Ultimately, I really do hope something comes out of this. In the organized crime world that is politics, I think most people are willing to occasionally turn a blind eye to a bent rule every now and again as it’s almost expected from them; but when you start taking money out of the collective’s pockets to help protect the pockets of a few cronies, that’s when people really get upset. Sheriff David, via your shortfall here, you are taking money out of my pocket and food off my table. You give a bad name to every honest law enforcement officer out there…

  • Just think she is to strong to fall in to his hands she doesnt take his shit and that pisses him off like the other little puppets.Good job girl keep your head up and for the sherrif you can kiss her ass shit for brains you would fuck up a one car funeral.Do your self a favor stay in your office and drink your coffee and play with the blondes :coffee:

  • You have to remember. Union leaders are elected by the people who harassed her..union reps. won’t do anything…the unions are just as corrupt…it’s not like going after the employer..when it’s another union member especially a union leader it won’t go no where…

    • I don’t understand this I thought the Sheriff was the one mistreating her. Unions have no judicial power and can’t do anything except try to reason with people??? Spike

  • will some one tell me when this is going to stop? The sheriff met his match, she’s one tough cookie. Go Girl you do not need to put up with this, no one does, your stress level has to be high and stress can cause you a lot of health problems. If NO one in authority in that court house does any thing then SHAME on them, F’N grown men and no one helps, I and other women will NEVER NEVER vote for them again. They need to move all of the woman OUT of that office ASAP. Get a Lawyer or call the EEOC OR LABOR RELATIONS they won’t put up with this shit. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, Do something now, don’t forget the whistle blower’s act, but I THINK HE blamed the wrong person….He probably heard it from the lying snitch blonds. Maybe another SET UP. :crap: :crap:

  • John Paul, I’m shocked that you would let a punk like “GAGA” make statemrnts about someones mother. My mother passed away a couple of years ago and this punk bastard attacked her. The punk should have attacked me and I would have accepted it. Not my mother. This a stupid M-fer talking about someone he doesn’t know. He must be J.J. or someone with their nose up his ass ! This sounds like years ago when STUPID people played the “MA MA GAME” . Dont let PUNKS talk about the dead !

    • Blah, blah, blah…

      You’re a punk & I’m glad your mother isn’t around to see you acting like such a punk, PUNK!

    • I agree SD. No one should ever be subjected to that level of disrespect. They do it because they don’t have to face us. You don’t disrespect anyone even those I know you don’t agree with don’t let this piece of waste get to you. Gaga is the coward not you. Probably a 112 pound sissy that is jealous of men because he can’t be one. Spike

    • Why is it ok to cut on ppl and call them names but can’t take it when someone gives it rite back? Grow up,,,,,,guess I hit a sore spot,,,;;learn to keep your mouth shut sd……..blah. Blah. Blah. You are a bully

      • No John Joe (GAGA) you didn’t hit a sore spot but you’re glad that my mothers dead. What kind of person did your mother raise ? A little boy that will never be a man ? When you get convicted and lose that “DEPUTY DAWG BADGE” we’ll see how tough you are. As for your gun, it will be like taking candy from a baby and having it shoved up your ass !

  • @ AVI I can tell you have a deep resentment for the handler of this site, and I chosen what you feel to be truth long ago or what you want to believe or what is being given to you, but it’s below my paygrade but still I beg to know why? what makes you think our know that the lady have the story or did something illegal????????

    the video of security doesn’t lie…… it will show hmmmm.

    but if someone has audio off the beloved sheriff in uniform conducting operations is that illegal ahhh the devil in detail that some jackoffs just don’t know.. and if he was giving away I mean skirting the county portion of 19 dollars on permits and was cited for hundreds of it what separates him from veon,? and his misuse of office and taxpayer funds? devil in the detail my friend

    but I don’t think you live in detsil and facts just he said she said but feel it is gospel

    • What in the world are you trying to ask me?

      The simple fact is, it’s illegal to record in the sheriff’s office. You can’t break the law trying to catch somebody breaking the law.

      • It is not illegal as there is no reasonable expectation of privacy if you are committing a crime or violating someone rights. You need to do some research. Spike

      • It is NOT illegal to record in the sheriff’s office. In Pennsylvania, it is lawful to record a law enforcement officer in doing his duties. That being said, JP has made it clear that Sheriff David was acting in his official capacity of issuing a permit when he was being filmed.

        Also, see Agnew v. Dupler, 553 Pa. 33, 717 A.2d 519, 522 (1998). In this case, the PA Supreme Court ruled that persons being recorded in a location where they can easily be heard have no reasonable expectation of privacy. As long as they weren’t being recorded in a bathroom or in Sheriff David’s actual office, it is a lawful recording; but with that, as per the above referenced case, even if Sheriff David were in his office, it would be lawful to record him if A) The door was open so others could hear, or B) The door was closed, but he was speaking loud enough that anyone could hear as he’s done with JP.

        Moreover, see Commonwealth v. Henlen, 522 Pa. 514, 564 A.2d 905, 906 (1989). “In Henlen, a theft suspect who covertly recorded a state trooper’s interrogation did not violate the Wiretap 258*258 Act because the trooper did not have a reasonable expectation of privacy in the statements. The factors belying a reasonable expectation of privacy included: (1) “oral interrogations of suspects by the police are generally recorded, albeit by the police rather than the suspect”; (2) the trooper was taking notes during the interview; and (3) the trooper allowed a third party to sit in on the interview.” Simple interpretation of this is that, with emphasis on point 3 mentioned above, if a 3rd person was present during the conversation, there is no reasonable expectation of privacy.

        Along with all this, a person forfeits their reasonable expectation of privacy when they commit a crime. So even with all the above set aside, if he were committing a crime in the video, which is what JP’s articles have shown, he had no reasonable expectation of privacy.

        So, avi, where is your supporting law and case work short of “this is the law because I know it and that’s that,” to support your claims that the person who took the video broke the law. As I said before, you’re commenting about a video you’ve never seen from a person you don’t know. None of us know anything aside from what JP has written about, so until he comes out and says “this is the person that did it and here is the video,” how about reserving your comments on your lack of knowledge of the law…

      • avi You need to go to Blacks Law Dictionary and learn what reasonable expectation of privacy is and means. This is the legal criteria for the wiretap and communicationlaws. All laws have these exceptions and this one is no different. It is illegal to hit someone in the face unless you are defending yourself. Spike

    • Maybe all y’all website lawyers need to read up on eavesdropping laws here in PA…

      18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 5702

      18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 5703

  • The sheriff gets caught ripping off the county and now he turns it around on Stephanie, what a joke. How much money over the years that he has been there that he ripped all of the TAX PAYERS OFF YA it’s our tax dollars..If these 3 comissioners don’t do anything and make him pay back the money, then they should step down or don’t they care about the tax payers who voted them in? It’s our money and I didn’t pay my taxes to take care of the Sheriff’s friends………GET OUR MONEY BACK and put it where it belongs, If your too afraid to do it then maybe you three need to pay it back to the tax payers, that is if you three decide to come to work once in a while……………..

  • WE don’t know how many votes the taxpayers paid for by the Sheriff not charging the correct fee. The Auditor General employee comes to his office and he is bold enough to defy because he can. No one will do anything to stop him NOT the district attorney not the commissioners not the the public he even has the Times in his pocket. Shame on the Times,shame on all of the above. WHAT happened to doing the right thing. CORRUPTION has been around for so long its become the NORM NORM in Beaver County. We need more people like Stephanie instead of cowards

  • I love that good old Georgie Boy is still acting out. He hasn’t changed since he was a little kid. Of course he Is still little. Hey Georgie, when are you going after another bear with your belt? Or how about shooting your foot again? How about beating up old men or using the “N” word? Someone PLEASE stop this nut, he will not stop on his own. Come on Mr. Berosh stop this idiot!

    • Tony Berosh and George David have been friends for a long long time. If you want to see George or his posse charged for all their crimes you’ll need to get a different district attorney in office first because this one isn’t going to do it.

      • What kind of man stands bye and watches women and faries get beat up like this? :cute:

      • If you check you will see that the DA brought in the Attorney General to charge David, The AG doesn’t act unless requested. Spike

  • I think stephani should run for sheriff. George has made her famous, then she could have a deputy escort george and alstadt out to the curb and have oches and tibolet scrubbing toilets in the parks..

  • Anyone that can take that abuse and still go to work every day got my vote and she seems to be not into political shit or they would have moved her they just let her take a beating.I wounder if beaver county ever had a female run for sherrif that would be okay for me she dont back down and take there shit go little lady keep strong. :thumbsup:

  • :megaphone: :megaphone: This girl needs a lawyer with a with a backbone that would like to empty Georgies pockets and set the County and the Union striaght cause thay do nothing but sit on there ass and watch her take this abuse every day and go on like nothing is wrong lets set them straight and show them that they can do something about this jerk treating the girls like shit.

  • Stephanie is not who u think she is. I see her everyday and she’s not nice at all. Very two face. Can’t be trusted

    • Yea Right..She has more backbone than anyone in that office. This coming from one of the blond bombers in that office im sure..

  • Hey Jerry curl. No doubt u work in the sheriffs office and are very envious of certain deputies. Why don’t u go cry to someone who cares…..: wah. Wah. Stephanie is not a trustworthy person. I know from experience She will backstab anyone she can

  • @Mommy, notice ur the only one who has something bad to say sooo u must be one of Georgie faithful followers. Did u rub something today or make his coffee yet!

  • @mommy You have a lot of nerve saying that Stephanie is not trustworthy!!!!!Aren’t you the one who set her up over the opened door? You and your other snitch friend, this is probably a set up to…and please don’t flatter your self ain’t NOBODY envious of you, have you looked in the mirror lately? You must be awfully desperate. You should of had charges filed against and you should of been FIRED. remember what goes around comes around…..

  • We are tired of hereing there side why dont you ecer write a story on what shr has to say let her speak for herself fuck Georgie he is a asshole we here what they want us to two sides to all stories and will they treat her wores.Mommy quess what there are people that probably dont like you.You must of been denied a carry permit you may be a fellen. :cry: