Police: Elderly Nun Raped By 18 Year Old Outside Of Church In Aliquippa

Andrew Bullock / photo Aliquippa Police

Andrew Bullock / photo Aliquippa Police

An Aliquippa teenager has been arrested after police allege he sexually assaulted and seriously injured a nun while she was in the parking lot of St. Titus Parish on Franklin Avenue.

Court records show that Andrew Clarence Bullock, age 18 of Orchard Street, is facing 10 charges including rape and aggravated assault for the attack just outside of St. Titus. The elderly nun, who is in her 80s, is recovering at Allegheny General Hospital after surgery for a broken jaw suffered during the attack.

The Beaver Countian does not identify victims of alleged sexual assault by name.

The attack occurred in broad daylight, at approximately 11:30am Friday morning. The nun told police that she was putting papers into a recycling bin when a man came up from behind her, asking if she needed help. She told the man that she didn’t need assistance, and started walking away when he allegedly exposed himself and began forcing her down to the ground, choking and punching the woman.

Aliquippa Police say Andrew Bullock’s clothing matched a description provided by the victim, and footprints left in the snow matched the boots he was wearing. Officers say the man confessed to attacking the nun during questioning.

Court records currently show Andrew Bullock is being held in the Beaver County Jail after failing to post $50,000 bail. A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for Thursday.


      • How is it racist to speak the truth? This mixed Mexican deserves a hard and sudden death – and every illegal behind him needs to be sent back.

      • Your an idiot. That comment is not racism, it’s simply a fellow countryman’s rejection of yet another fine product of a once proud town.

    • I swear not one damn story on here can be commented about without race becoming an issue. This boy should go to jail and never be let out but to bring race into it is just stupid. I don’t see anything in the article that said he was an illegal alien or that he wasn’t born in this country. What I do see is that the “woman” that posted the comment “Go back to your own country is not “white angosaxon” she looks to be from another decent. Mannerino sounds like her family came here from another country also. So how about you go back to your own country.

    • Unless you are 100% Native American, SHUT THE FUCK UP. You have no business telling anyone to go back to “their own country”, since this wasn’t yours to begin with, hypocrite.

      • I was just about to say something similar to that!!! She can go back to her roots too if she doesn’t like it here!! LMBO :lol: :lol:

      • “Unless you are 100% Native American, SHUT THE FUCK UP.”

        Obviously you’re not keeping up-to-date on the latest findings in anthropology and archaeology.

        Valid evidence reveals that American Indians were pre-dated by Kennewick man and Solutreans, who came across the edge of the ice cap from Europe thousands of years before Asiatics crossed the land bridge which is now the Bering Strait, though it is going to take academia a while to get used to the idea.

        Those findings explain why many US Indian tribes have been tested with up to 25% DNA that is identical to Europeans.

        As the genome is analyzed even further we will know EXACTLY who the first Americans were, their looks, hair color, eating habits, etc. as a result of full-scale genetic mapping.

      • the hypocrisy is YOURS, natives were conquered and swept aside you fucking moron, get over it. there isnt a single country on the face of the earth whos borders arent drawn from conflict…

        how about you go ahead and undo the borders of every other country on other you fucking racist hypocrite…before you bring that kind of bullshit to white societies who have to deal with barbaric hate of every other race on earth flocking to this country…. turning it into the shithole country, a shitehole country that DOES take drastic, draconian and often violent means to keep all others out…the way ALL non-white countries do without exception.

      • Ok there, Adam, you just called me racist??

        The idiots who couldn’t/wouldn’t live under the rule of a king across the sea, came here, and completely wiped out an indigenous people who were living just fine and peacefully, before that horseshit happened.
        NOBODY has any business invading another country, killing and enslaving their peoples, just cause they felt that they should, due to the color of their skin.
        There is no hypocrisy here, YOU fucking moron, and there was no need to conquer a native population.
        And on top of it, NONE of this has anything to do with the subject at hand. My response was to the twit above telling the 18 year old man to go back to his country because nobody wanted him here.
        I fail to see in either yours (adam), or the libertarian idiot’s comments how I am “racist”. I can assure you, I’m not. I have more mixed heritage in my blood than most people, and certainly more than you. When you can PROVE ME as a racist, and actually hold a civil conversation, then we shall speak. Until then, troll elsewhere, cause sweetie, you’re not worth my time.

      • I’m sorry – but the “native American” didn’t just spring up from the ground here – they are from Mongolians who crossed the frozen Bearing Strait. So THIS country isn’t theirs either by your definition. This is THE United States of America – not a Mexican suburb. We have LAWS and those who are here ILLEGALLY need to be deported back south of the border, including all of their family. It’s that simple. If you want to live and work and be A PART OF THIS COUNTRY – then come in legally and contribute rather than sucking up government program after program.

      • Whites were here thousands of years before the indians. We were here in small numbers on the east coast, west coast and up and down the Mississippi River. Ever hear of Kennewick Man??? Clearly White, ever hear of America’s Shonehenge?? which is 4000 years old??
        Or how about the Vikings in Oklahoma or their settlements along the Missisippi??

        The indians came across the land bridge in Alaska in greater numbers than the white settlements and murdered all the whites so you see we were here before you.

    • This has nothing to do with race. This is a VERY sick person. Do NOT take the focus off of the victim here. God bless her and heal her from all the EVIL that she had to endure.

  • My stomach lurched when I read this headline. This is just…no words can fully express my disgust.

  • No, Aunt Rita, put him in a room alone with me for 5 minutes, I’ll make sure he wishes he was never born. How can an 18 y/I be capable of that level of violence? This blows my mind. He should definitely be locked up, and kept away from people. Or better yet, let’s put him in general population in state prison, and we’ll see who’s getting raped then.

  • Has to hav mental health issues to b able to do anything this evil, the devil is alive & well. Prayers to the victim.

    • Hopes for justice and a speedy recovery for the victim… As horrific as this crime is, your statement is definitely one of the most inaccurate.

  • Wishing he would of jump me instead of that helpless nun! He wouldn’t be here that’s for sure! God Bless that nun! My prayers are with her and her speedy recovery! Knowing Aliguippa”s detective he will not let him get out of this one! He will pay for his sick crime he had committed!

  • What kind of sexual gratification could he receive from this?? What part of his life is so full of hate and anger (and some mental issues to boot) that he felt he needed to do this to a holy woman? Women who devote their lives to purity and God. My thoughts and prayers are with the Sisters, this woman’s family, and the church community as they hurt.

    • Rape is not an act of sex…it is an act of violence. Yes it is sexual in nature but it is violence, period!

  • In reference to cutting this guys dick off: Rape is not sex it is an act of violence and cutting his dick off would only make him more violent. Maybe this guy will actually get what he deserves, but if he is politically connected or the new poster boy for the politically correct we are in trouble. My prayers are offered for this sister as well as the St. Titus community.

  • One way or the other he will pay. In this life or the next. Hopefully both. There’s a special kind of hell for people like this. If other inmates make a regular rapists life a living hell. Can you imagine what his prison life will be like. They will be lining up to rape and beat this man daily.

  • …and states like MI pass (or are trying to) pass “rape insurance” laws. Let’s really ponder why men continue to rape women. It shouldn’t take that long. It’s because society doesn’t teach men to NOT rape. It focuses on women avoiding it.

    • Or maybe more women could commit to protecting themselves as well. Not blaming the victim- rape is rape and it is deplorable no matter what. But “teaching men not to rape” will probably be about as effective as “teaching people not to kill each other” or “teaching people not to rob”. The point is, be prepared to protect yourself.

  • I find it quite hilarious when someone post “go back to your own country or where you came from”. Unless you are Native American (who were here first), then ALL of our ancestors came from somewhere else. Now I hope you all say a prayer for Sister Mary before you go to sleep!!

    • Don’t you understand the only racists use the term go back to your own country…If the perpetrator had an Italian, Polish, Irish, etc. surname…that comment never comes up….It only comes up when a black is involved. Some people don’t understand that comment is as racist as using the “N” word. They’re trying to conceal their racism.

    • Ha. Native Americans have been found to possess Northern European DNA. So much for “different race”.

  • Quippa needs its MAYOR to speak out about this. Condone this crime publicly. Mend fences. All this AH did was stir the pot for the older generation to rekindle old style thinking. Mayor needs to represent. I say this because he is a Godly man and also a caring person. Make a public statement mayor. Mend the fences by being proactive instead of reactive. ps- When’s the Popeye’s/Bojangles coming to town?

    • You should maybe look up big words like “condone” before using them in a sentence.

      Clever fried chicken reference though. (That was sarcasm, by the way.)

  • Mandy Friend I’m so glad you said something it don’t matter if the punk was red white blue purple or green what he did was dead ass WRONG!! FOR THE OTHER SICK POSTS WHEN THAT WHITE DUDE SHOT UP THE MOVIE THEATER WHAT WAS SAID ABOUT HIM….CRIME GOES BOTH WAYS WHITE AND BLACK.,DUMMIES

  • Mandy I thought the same thing and Jennifer is right. Very rarely is this for sexual gratification but usually rapist are narasistic people and this is about power. I have no tolerance for anyone who could do this to someone but especially a child or elderly person. Karma will get him

  • Low and horrible. Hoping that the Sister will recover fully. However, wouldn’t it be more fitting that those of you claiming this to be a christian nation, be praying for this lost soul; rather than wishing rather barbaric retribution upon him? Getting up in arms about christmas decorations is one thing, but this would seem to be the real place for faith and grace. Only trying to stir the kettle a little. This is a dark thing that must be dealt with accordingly.

  • I hhope he goes tl prison for life but the courts will more than likely let him go with just probation to walk among our children. The law will feel sorry for him. All we can hope for is maybe he hang himself look at that smirk on his face.

      • No, it’s nobody’s fault but this 18 year old piece of shit. The blame lies solely on him, and nobody else.

  • He is either one seriously messed up kid or this is some type of initiation or retaliation for something he had no choice in the victim to only be 18 and do this and just admit to it other wise Wth! Is wrong w him

    • “Something he had no choice in???” Lady, what the fuck planet are you from??

      Somebody tells me that I have to pick between raping an elderly nun, or losing my life, guess what, I’ll TAKE THE DAMNED BULLET!

      He had a choice. He chose to do evil. End of story.

  • disrespectful punk.this is a perfect example.how kids are today.when parents don’t punish ther kids because its against the law. parents are too busy trying to make a living and put food on the table.are school system that’s for drugs and heroin. adults that live a common life of disrespecting the law. I blame it on his environment You are responsible everyone of us for that make me sick.

    • Cry me a river. Now the entire county gets to deal with her lack of parenting skills. Prayers and wishes for a full recovery to the nun. This story makes my head and stomach hurt. What are we coming to??

    • Your comment is one of the most rational (not to mention grammatically correct) comments on this board, yet you get negative votes.

      • What do you know about morality? How can you say a whole race of people? So white men do not commit crimes like this? Let me tell you a story. My best friend disappeared 20 years ago. It was chalked up to her being a run away. Four years ago a WHITE woman walked into the police station in New Castle and reported that her estranged husband and his WHITE friend killed a 15 year old girl in 1993. The stabbed her to death, had sex with her dead body, then buried her. One of those WHITE men returned later and cut of her head and hands to prevent identification, then reburied her. Months later the other WHITE man and his soon to be WHITE wife returned to the place she was buried and dug her up again. These two WHITE people took her remains and scattered them. So MAYBE OUR RACE DON’T HAVE ANY MORELS.

  • The only appropriate action of a truly responsible society would be to put this ‘person’ down immediately. If he indeed admitted to it, a due process court hearing shouldn’t be necessary.

  • But there will be sleazy lawyer who will tell us he had mental problems, victim of poverty, was induced to do it, blah,blah… everyone gets a defense, if INNOCENT, but IF he did it, just plead gulity and take the punishment. Save us the money at the courthouse.

  • One solution for this – complete castration, let him pss thru a tube. I am sure the ACLU will have something to say about this poor misguided youth. He is a useless member of society, and should be treated as such.

  • First things first. What he did was wrong. Terribly wrong and I pray for the woman from the bottom of my heart. But you people are disgusting, people commit crimes everyday no matter what the race. And for the genius that sad return to your country did you forget we were brought here against our will ????? If it wasn’t for your white ancestors we wouldn’t be here in this hateful country

    • Your own people sold your ancestors into slavery! They where slaves to your own people! They still have slaves in the mother country, so quit blaming whitey! :omg:

    • How bout if “whitey” woulda kept his ass over seas in England and such, and left this country to the people that it RIGHTFULLY belonged to, then we wouldn’t be having this discussion at all….

    • yeah female, you tell that to your tribal ancestors who sold your great great grandpappy to some white dude. Who is worse, the buyer or the seller?

  • There is absolutely no excuse for this at all. Ok his mother is dead, and has an alcoholic as a father but he is GOING to be held responsible for HIS actions. I’m sending prayers to the nun for a healing recovery emotionally, and physically!

    • No Drew Seidler. It was a human’s choice. God gave us that gift of “free will” to decide what we want to do for ourselves. God’s will is to have humans make the right decisions to please HIM. Now there atheist, let me just give you a knuckle sandwich repeatedly in that big head of yours. It would make me feel better and God will forgive me of that sin. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

    • It would be God’s will if it were the lady in your pic that was violated in this horrendous manner also…RIGHT, Drew? Have another drink, idiot!

  • I saw detective Roberts look in his eyes when he escoted this sicko into the police station! Detective Roberts will make sure he is punished for this sick crime! There is no excuse for this to happen to anyone! If he was sick most of his life you should of got him help then this would not of happen! As parents, including family, we could only teach them right from wrong! He is an adult now! Some children when they reach that adult age take over their own life even if their not ready to be an adult! But the law says your an adult at 18yrs old! The devil is surely alive! And God will come to take care of it someday! Untill then we got to protect one another! If you see or hear the devil in someone dont ignore it! Fight it! Amen!

  • this crosses the line, its one thing when these punks shoot and kill each other, quite another to defile an 80 year old women who has spent her life taking care of people and devoting herself to god, something needs to be done!

  • you can call him scum, you can call him sick, I call him evil, with no love in his heart, no compassion, its a generational thing, he didn’t learn from his mother and father, and they didn’t learn from theirs, some people never pull themselves up. that’s what happens in aliquippa

    • It happens everywhere, not just in Aliquippa. Im not saying they rape nuns everywhere…but rape happens everywhere. Don’t condemn the whole town for what one subhuman idiot did!

  • The racism you all exhibit is truly disgusting. Crime is crime Terrah mannerino you comment is proof that you lack a coherent mind. We are all immigrants and your family is no different.you are apart of what is wrong with the world. If you wouldn’t say these things publicly in the face of a black person or any other race keep it to yourself. It is proof of your cowardice and lack of conviction if it is truly how you feel. Social media gives people like you the biggest set of balls. He was wrong for what he did but I really doubt he tried to rape her in broad daylight no less. Any one who has gotten charges before knows that police try to pile shit on its all about money. Now if they’d done a rape kit and it came back negative it would mean that either the police or the nun was lying about the sexual assault, which would not be surprising judge by how corrupt the catholic church and the police are. Just shut up with the unnecessary racist banter, the world is better off without people like you.

    • If you are so courageous, why didn’t you use your real name? Hey, we only want to keep the GOOD immigrants…send the rest of the SHIT back to where they came from.

  • Nothing like guaranteeing a straight ticket to hell. Look at that mugshot. You can see sociopath written all over those eyes. Come on people from Aliquippa. Weigh in on this. I know you people know him.

  • I’m just glad that he is 18 so that he will be tried as an adult and sentenced as one so that he can go to the big boys jail where he will spend years having his sphincter stretched so far that he will be able to pull his ass over his head. For as despicable as his crime was there is the consolation that he will be subjected daily to things more despicable and won’t be able to do anything to stop it.

    Looks the mayor has done wonders to make Aliquippa safer…..if you can’t walk through a church parking lot in broad daylight without getting raped then there is no hope for this shithole of a town.

  • hey sneek there are no excuses, everyone has something in their life, we all make choices, he choice was to assult that women, he pays for his choice, and hopefully dearly.

  • I’m so sick of hearing about his childhood and mental illness. IT’S ALL EXCUSES!!!!!™ A lot of people have mental illness and STILL don’t assault other human beings!!! He will pay for what he has done, in jail and when he dies.

  • The comments are more interesting than the article.

    That any rape is horrendous and criminal is obvious. And we need to seek justice.

    But rape is not about sex. It’s about power and humiliation. Castration does nothing to cure or even prevent it. That so many here advocate it shows that there’s a good deal more to be learned about it that undercuts the typical macho bluster.

    Likewise on the eagerness to torture and to kill, while dissing laws and courts. It shows a popular base for lynch mobs still exists among us. This is not a good thing in this case or any case.

    Why was this act evil? Because it was indifferent to the humanity and dignity of the Sister. Indifference is at the root of evil, but if you read carefully, you can find indifference to ‘The Other’ in many of these comments as well. That one indifference is provoked in retaliation for another doesn’t relieve the evil of either.

    We indeed have to protect our society from rapists. First they need to be convicted in a court of law. Then they need to be confined until they are no longer a danger. That requires some effort at transformation, and to transform, you have to consider the humanity of the rapists. Animals, after all, aren’t ‘evil.’ Humans are, and some way more so than others. So to protect ourselves from rapists, we also need to ‘raise’ well and educate young men, and all men for that matter, about what it really is, and that it’s not cured with rape in retaliation. Karma works there, too. Evil upon evil only adds to the suffering of all.

    It will be interesting to see what the Sister has to say, and if we take her seriously.

  • Yea he is a sicko! He deserves to rot in jail!!! Just to let people no his mother is actually a white woman

    • @ Carl- I understand your point about everyone’s eagerness to harm the rapist but I believe that the desire to castrate him is based on hurting him as much as possible and preventing him from raping again.
      And I view the outrage on here as a comfort because we are still furious when despicable acts occur.

      It would be very sad if people WEREN’T outraged.

      • Castration solves nothing. A man can readily rape a woman without using a penis, and some do. It’s about rage, power and humiliation, not sex.

    • What difference does it make if his mother is white, black, pink, purple, green, blue, or rainbow colored? How does this factor in? IT DOESN’T. It isn’t relevant in any way, shape, or form.

    • Ok, Sam…and you are a blue stop sign with crooked eyebrows…so what does the fact that his mother is a white woman have to do with anything? Anybody with half a brain can see that he appears to be bi-racial. Are you always this brilliant?

  • People like this are LOWER than animals, do not compare the two, this guy should be lynched in the public square upon conviction, PERIOD. Stop making excuses for these demons in the flesh.

  • This is a racial issue, Google “The Knockout Game”, BLACKS are attacking whites all over this Country and it is being ignored in the media, but it will NOT be ignored much longer.

  • Lynching is against the law, and more serious than rape, Mr Combs. You seem to want to muddle them together. No one here is ‘making excuses’ for this guy. To the contrary, and to a fault. Hold up a mirror to these comments, and ask if this is the kind of vigilante society you want to live in? This is indeed an crime that is becoming ‘racialized’ when it should not be. Your comments here are a case in point.

  • “But rape is not about sex.” Well, it is included in the equation. Make your point about power and humiliation as motivations, but the channels for expression of them are important as well. And, this particular channel was a singularly heinous one. I would not be surprised if this nun asks for people to forgive the rapist’s acts, as an agent of her church and her god, but society has a responsibility to other innocents to make sure he does not do it again. By definition it is retribution, but it is a necessary response of a civilized society.

    • There are two kinds of justice in our society–punitive and restorative. Most states have both written into their constitution or criminal codes, although the latter is often absent in practice. One result is recidivism, ie, it hurts us more than it helps when we ignore the latter.

  • Aliquippa has the full range of humanity you’ll find anywhere else, Mr. Ford, only with greater burdens–and greater indifference that leads some to great evil. My point: Don’t fall into indifference yourself, and turn a whole town into ‘the Other’ that is apart from you. Evey town in this Ohio valley is distressed, and for many reasons we all know well. But we each have a choice. To be part of the problem, or part of the solution.

  • I would assume that the defense will argue in favor of the restorative option. If the case becomes muddled in personality and environmental qualifications for his actions, not too unlike the current “affluenza” DUI excuse, though, it will take decisive action on the part of the judge and jury to stop him, regardless of the potential for recidivism. Regression to an earlier state also implies that some progress has been made, and in many cases it has not.

    • Off the topic, @raven, but I just needed to mention it, since you brought it up…(I’m not chastising you at all, trust me)

      That whole “affluenza” case, made my blood boil, and blood pressure skyrocket. That was one of the WORST miscarriages of justice I have seen in my time on this planet. Just thinking about it now, I’m getting pissed off.
      Like I said, I was going off topic, but I did want to express my opinion about that.

      Y’all can just skip this comment, it has nothing to do with the subject matter at hand. Thank you.

  • There is an absolutism in many of these comments, Carl, and many drive the polemic, but they cannot be dismissed. This case, so early on, promises to be a barometer of social tolerance around here, and even the crassest invective has a place in setting the stage for the eventual trial. Theory is nice, but “common sense” is more likely to decide guilt, justifiable or not, and it is at the heart of the judicial process, even in the judge’s final remarks to the jury.

  • People knew it was dangerous down behind the church, and alot of other places in Aliquippa but to beat a sweet lady a NUN who has devoted her life to God who never bothered a soul and helped with the children is REPULSIVE…we all have Mothers, Grandmothers, I don’t care how sick he is he needs to be punished and how come he never got help in 18 years? so now he’s crazy, no excuse, she was beaten badly broken bones broken jaw Will she ever get over this? I don’t think so at her age, Please pray for her, like she has prayed for us and all the people she has helped…My heart aches for her and the torture she endured. Peace be with you……

  • “Enviromental qualities for his actions”……… I believe what you’re trying to say is …..-the “society’s fault” excuse- the “racial inequality” excuse- the “poor upbringing” excuse

    The common denominator in that antiquated, reverse racism, anti-white theory is nothing but BULLSHIT, plain and simple.

    And one more thing Raven, if you don;t know by now, Carl is extremely polemic, especially when it comes to “common sense” . :think:

    • This young man is at fault, as he has said himself. I’m not blaming ‘society’ for his deeds. You missed the point. I was blaming a segment of society for the fascist, pro-torture and pro-lynching responses to this crime expressed here. I think you missed the point. We need justice, not lawless revenge.

  • People is it me or besides the obvious viciousness, and cowardly act by this deranged individual, there is another crime here that people have overlooked, how about the $50,000 bond….are you fukkkking kidding me, I’ve seen drug/DWI charges with more than that amount.. if that’s the testicular fortitude that these beaver county judges have, this deranged lunatic will be out soon enough to rape or kill his next victim…. I for one hope he does the county and the taxpayers a favors and commits suicide, or ends up dead in the jail from a brash beating by his “fellow” inmates, I’m sure he wouldn’t be missed much anyhow..

    • Sadly, I have a feeling that he is either in medical or administrative segregation, due to his alleged “mental problems” and for his own safety, considering that if he was in general population on one of the pods, and another inmate found out what he did, he wouldn’t last long. Now, while that may sound like a preferable solution (I won’t lie, it does), the jail and it’s staff are responsible for whatever happens behind those walls. If an inmate is a known target, and staff does nothing, STAFF is responsible and can be held accountable for whatever happens to said inmate.
      So, he’s probably in segregation. Sadly.

  • @ Carl Davidson, Please shut up you are gagging me!!!!! How dare you say we”ll have to see what the Sister say and if we take her seriously … She’s an 80 plus year old woman, a woman of GOD, A GOOD WOMAN who was on her way to church, don’t try to turn this around, quit talking about what rape is because your not a woman who was raped so shut up and have some RESPECT who ever you are !!!!!!!!! People are outraged and they should be. Is there NO place in Aliquippa that you are safe anymore?

    • We all want a safe Aliquippa, and we all want this rapist removed from our streets. As for heeding and listening to the Sister, I’m sure I will. I’m not so sure about some other here. That was my point.

    • You do not have to apologize for your brother’s actions. With that being said, the best thing you and your family could do would be to leave him in jail until his trial. Do not bail him out.

  • Only $50,000 bail?!? If his family had scraped together five grand he could’ve been back on the street? That’s insane. OTOH, based on comments posted here he’s probably safer in jail.

  • I know who Carl Davidson is — not personally — and what he has stood for over the years. He is easily researched. And, he has been in the national and local news for participation in some social/political movements that I am familiar with. Some of what he says I agree with. This is an isolated matter outside of general social and political discourse, and I won’t get into adhominem attacks against him. Yes, he is a practiced debater, but some of what he has said makes sense to me. I differ mainly in some of the particulars. Actually, I’m glad more people who think for themselves, and respect others opinions, are now coming here. It adds quality and credibility to the site, and others notice.

  • As I’ve noted, listen to yourselves. Have we become a county of torturers? Venting anger is understandable, but justice is what we seek, not revenge. The greatest power of an evil deed is to evoke more in return. Break the chain.

  • Bonasera asks for “justice” for his daughter.

    Don Corleone: ” Prego. Give this to, uh, Clemenza. I want reliable people, people who aren’t going to be carried away. After all, we’re not murderers, in spite of what this undertaker thinks.”

    So, Bonasera gets his “justice.”

    Regardless of the convenient semantics, people end up dead, the two punks, and later all heads of the opposing crime families.

    Splitting hairs between revenge and justice is a semantic challenge. I submit that it is the visceral catharsis that revenge provides that separates the two. Too often, justice is vicarious, and people cannot be satisfied directly by it. That is a key issue here. people want a catharsis.

    I understand the difference between the two, but I believe in some cases revenge is validated. And the eventual outcome is the same. It’s not a lynch mob mentality. It springs from the same innate uneasiness that elephants display when they sense illness or death in their herd. It is a common, shared disquiet.

    I found out this morning, from the BCT, that the nun was from the Sisters of St. Joseph. One of my family members once worked there, so I shared the article. He/she was devastated. The reaction was not one of revenge, but of abject sadness. Then, disbelief and anger.

    Take the moral high ground to this case and try to save this guy’s poor soul, but there is little doubt that he must be paid for this crime against the nun and humanity. And I don’t care what it’s called.

  • I have read this article on reliable news sites (WPXI) and although this man did attach this innocent old lady it does not mention anything about a rape. I’m wondering if the Beaver Countian may have added that to further sensationalize the story.

    • author

      Let me teach you how to get information for yourself, so you don’t have to rely on either the Beaver Countian or the “reliable” WPXI.

      This is the website for the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania:

      You’ll see a dropdown box that says “Search Type,” choose “Participant Name:”
      First Name: Andrew
      Last Name: Bullock

      You’ll also see a dropdown that says “County” choose: “Beaver”

      Click search, then scroll down to the bottom of the page.

      Hover over the magnifying glass next to Docket # MJ-36103-CR-0000310-2013, choose “Docket Sheet.”

      This will give you the criminal docket for the case, directly from the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts.

      Unfortunately, Affidavits of Probable Cause are not included on the site, which provides details about the incident (we get those from visiting the courthouse, magisterial district offices, or directly from police). But you can see the list of charges and other relevant information.

      Among the charges you’ll find are: rape by forcible compulsion, criminal attempt rape, and IDSI by forcible compulsion. “IDSI” stands for involuntary deviate sexual intercourse.

      I will also caution you as to this part of your statement “although this man did attach (sic) this innocent old lady.” At this point, the man stands accused of attacking her, but has not entered a guilty plea to the charges or otherwise been found guilty at trial.

      I appreciate that you have a healthy skepticism of the media, and hope our reporting can eventually earn your trust.

      Thanks for being a reader of the Beaver Countian.

      • JP you are just one of the coolest people! This response is great! :thumbsup:

  • He needs to be hung by his gonads!! Innocent people always getting hurt and alot of times it’s the elderly cause they can’t fight off the attacker who usually wants drug money. Sad and very sick!!!!!

  • Carl- “sigh”… Stop. Just. Stop. Vengeful thoughts are not, as people commonly believe, the dangerous aggressive tendencies of people who are too petty or too incapable of forgiving others. Nor are they immoral mental habits of people who are too petty to know right from wrong. Instead, revenge fantasies have been shown to have a number of psychological benefits. Rather than being a sign of an unhealthy mind it could be that revenge fantasies play an important protective role. To be certain, acting out a revenge and fantasizing about revenge are two very different things. If you find yourself doing the latter, however, don’t beat yourself up…. You’re perfectly healthy.

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