Judge Dismisses Private Criminal Complaint Against Ohioville Officer


A private criminal complaint filed against an Ohioville Police Officer was dismissed today, following a short hearing in the case.

Magisterial District Judge Dale Nicholson dismissed the complaint filed by Ohioville resident William Pittser against Officer Nevin Beatty.

Patrolman Beatty was removed from the schedule in Ohioville Borough at the beginning of January, after First Assistant District Attorney Ahmed Aziz approved Pittser’s private criminal complaint for a summary charge of Criminal Mischief against the officer. Pittser had alleged that Beatty rapped on his windshield with his knuckles at a traffic stop, and claimed his windshield broke two hours later as a result.

William Pittser was the only witness to testify in today’s hearing. His testimony was short, lasting just minutes. “It was a legitimate stop, my inspection sticker and emissions sticker was indeed expired,” said Pittser. “He hit my windshield with his hand, and said my sticker was expired … He issued me 2 citations and I went about my business.” Pittser testified that he saw no damage to his windshield at the time, and went over to his father’s house after the traffic stop. Approximately two hours later, he put his car in reverse to leave when his “windshield popped.”

After a brief cross examination of Pittser, Defense attorney Jonathan Gesk made a motion for the court to dismiss the charge against Officer Beatty. Magisterial District Judge Nicholson granted the motion, dismissing the case before a defense was even presented.

“The court agrees, there is no evidence of wreckless conduct here,” said District Judge Nicholson, who added there was also no evidence the officer intended to break Pittser’s windshield when he conducted the traffic stop.

Officer Nevin Beatty filed a Whistleblower lawsuit against the Borough and several of its officials earlier this month, alleging he was being retaliated against after sparking an ongoing public corruption investigation against Chief Ronald Lutton by the Pennsylvania State Police. Lutton has been accused of bilking taxpayers out of tens of thousands of dollars by falsifying time sheets and altering hearing notices.

Officer Beatty remains off of the Ohioville Borough Police Department schedule, and his employment status with the town is now unclear.

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  • so the DA will approve stupid shit like this but leaves georgie and jon jo alone? ya great job on that!
    when are elections again?

  • It’s nice to see that the magistrate isn’t in the back pocket of the police chief….it gives me some hope (although not much) that some in this county are above politics.

  • If I was the judge, I would have given Pittser a severe tongue lashing for wasting my time, the court’s time, and taxpayer dollars.

  • Put the kid back to work and save your self some pride, for real guys this isn’t looking to brought while investigation on the chief is on going, and surely its not going to help a law suit by not giving him adequate hours, listen to your soliciter

    • Listen to the solicitor…….I heard he is the one that recommended Beatty be taken off of the schedule. Maybe the solicitor needs to go back and read some of his text books? Maybe he’ll have plenty of time once he gets fired over this whole thing. He’s the one that recommended Lutton be paid this whole time too. The solicitor is a waste. If I were a resident, I would really push for his removal because he doesn’t seem to know what he is doing.

  • oops this one looks like its gonna backfire LOL wonder how many mills the OOPS tax is gonna be in Ohioville next year to pay for all this?

  • If this is the same Bill Pittser that went to Western Beaver High a while ago, he was an Ahole then and it appears he still is.

  • Did the solicitor quit yet? Rumor I heard, just want to confirm. But yes, get Beatty back to our streets full time. Our street will be safer

  • The court agrees, there is no evidence of wreckless conduct here,” said District Judge Nicholson, who added there was also no evidence the officer intended to break Pittser’s windshield when he conducted the traffic stop. So ? is did Pittser intend to drive with expired stickers or was it just an oversight like the officer hitting the windshield.

  • Tammy you must not know Beatty if you think our streets will be safer with that thug of a cop comes back, He’s just as corrupt as the rest of them, he only blew this magical whistle becuase he wasn’t getting a big enough cut. I know the damn loser he falsifies sheets alters things all the time. Hell for a 2 month period he gave out fake speeding tickets all reading the same number that all got dropped becuase he didn’t show to the hearings. He blows his cigar smoke into little kids face (Of which I’ve watched personally) harasses people for no apparent reason. He’s the worst cop in the damn county and you want to defend the buffoon? He’s just as guilty and corrupt as the rest of the Ohioville P.D. We wouldn’t even be here if he wanted more money from Lutton who helped him get a job when the Midland P.D. got rid of his sorry ass and gave him anything he wanted. Beatty is a low-life thug and a 2nd class citizen in my and many peoples books in Ohioville. If you really want him back on the streets then you clearly have no idea what’s going on

    • I find it hard to believe that Beatty just walks up to little kids for the sake of blowing cigar smoke in their face and then walks away.

  • @bsmith if your not on council or a resident, how do you know what the scenario or offers where or how solicitor handle anything. Don’t speculate rumor or one persons version

    • Ask someone on Council and you’ll find that what I wrote is true. I don’t speculate. They follow the advice of their solicitor so all possible repercussions fall back on the solicitor rather than council. Their defense is that they just followed the advice of their lawyer.

  • Our solicitor, if still working for Ohioville, can only give advice on what he was told happen, or information provided. Which in this case, our acting Cheif lied to him about what happen, then he made a decision to remove Beatty from the schedule, based only on the information provided.
    @LOL NO. Yes I have had dealt with Officer Beatty numerous times, (not because I was in trouble) and he was very professional every time and in one bad situation even would stop when riding past to make sure everything was O.K, which most police would never do that, so yes I would feel safer. And it appears there is not as many haters then there was since it was either proven that those haters was people that has been cited in some way by Beatty or those supporters of the public officials that has been stealing or covering for the “Good Ol Boys”, which appears the Good Ol Boys are going down. I was informed that former Chief Lutton will never work here again, and I don’t believe he is going own alone he will take others.
    Also, Beatty told me he never worked for Midland before, so I am assuming this is true.
    So yes, Beatty should have never been taken off the schedule, nor prior should his hours have been reduced, no criminal behavior (felony) was pending against him. But we can still be paying for someone that appearently will never work here again.

  • Pheww, lm glad justic
    e was seved. lts time to get Beatty back to work so he can get back to nailing people for driving while black. Whatever you dont be a black male with a white female….thats the worst. He was never fired from Midland never worked there, it was the old Industry pd he was let go from, which from what l’ve been told is next to impossible

  • Wow, first of all. Anyone can sue anyone for anything. Maybe he just wants a quick buck, cause when its all done and over with, thats all he is gonna get. The tax payers will not pay out, the insurance carrier will, just like when they paid out for his law suit Candito i believe, for unreasonable force and false arrest. And part time employees are at will employees, here today gone tomorrow. There is no gauranteed time. And LOL NO you are not too far off, he really needs to go, nobody but Tammy wants him there. And there are not any bad cops there. They all work hard, and try there best with everything that is going on out there. Smilek is busting his ass to keep things in check and he puts in as much time as Ron did when he was there. Everyone crys about waste and corruption, look how many county employees, sheriffs, detectives, and police officers have take home cars. do not we all drive our own cars to the office or store every day?? just saying WASTE John Paul check that out

  • Tammy your a twit. Chief Lutton is ALL OHIOVILLE EVER NEW OF A POLICE OFFICER. The caps is so you you understand how serious of a screw up anyone who supports Beatty is. NO ONE, I repeat NO ONE wanted to hire that fat, arrogant, piece of shit. Chief Lutton felt bad for him and gave him a chance. I worked there, we all told him this guy has know idea what the 4th amn. is or what it stands for (illegal search and seizure… which he violated daily). Im only sorry we were right and a great man suffers for a POS. Hey beatty enjoy being part-time for ever. Part time SGT……LMAO

    • A great man suffered because of Beatty? A “great man” suffered because of his own corrupt actions. Lets not lose sight of that fact in all of this. This isn’t about Beatty. It’s still about Lutton stealing from tax payers.

    • Yet another police officer in the valley that can’t write for crap. Is there any police officers out there that can write a police report with proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling?

  • @bsmith Chief Lutton is not corrupt. Let’s talk corrupt. Beatty has been attempting to get a full time job for years with no luck. So every where he has worked he has either sued or tried to get people fired. Still no full time. Next Beatty did the “investigation” because a council member whom does not like Lutton asked him to…corrupt check. Next Beatty took his findings to State Police…so he took them to the Beaver Barracks right…..Nope took them to Lawerence County Barracks to guys that he plays poker with… corrupt check. Even though the guys doing the investigation are Beatty’s poker buddies still no charges…cause there is no corruption from Chief Lutton., Beatty though…check

    • I’m not going to have an online argument. We’ll see what happens when the investigation is complete. In my opinion, people are going to be surprised.

      • Typo….that should have been, I would stay away from the Beaver barracks.

  • May I suggest to everyone posting on all of the stories pertaining to Ohioville Borough, please wait until all of the investigations are complete, only then will all of this be fully understood. GFTL

  • Everyone has opinions, but no one has the facts. The ‘Ron Lutton told me’, or the ‘Nevin Beatty told me’ stuff is getting old. Someone is lying, that much is certain. Beyond that there is little to be said. I know both of them very well and I don’t like the situation, but only time will tell what really transpired.

  • @Forget You, yes it is the twit! Guess that I did not need to comment on NO ONE….I MEAN NO ONE WANTED TO HIRE BEATTY. I guess that everyone’s comments that followed yours thinks the same way as you…NOT. The chief and numerous other political figures in BC does not have as much support in the last month, by the time the next JP story comes out there will be even less, so how many police departments did he work for before? Just because I was one of the first people to support Beatty in the beginning I guess that makes me a twit in the eyes of some police, so if you are calling me names i guess that means you bullies are leaving someone else alone. And for those people that believe I had anything but a professional relationship with him, I seen Officer Beatty a total of 6 times, every time it involved a police matter, so start thinking with the right head! Not everyone is like that, I just believe in right and wrong and almost everything is black and white. So if a kid is getting beat up on the play ground, I will step in. The bullies don’t scare me.