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NNDS Lawsuit: Employee Secretly Copied Hundreds Of Proprietary Files


The National Network of Digital Schools (NNDS) filed a lawsuit today in the Beaver County Court of Common Pleas against ...

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Sigourney Weaver hankering after fifth instalment of Alien saga

1986, ALIENS

The actor has hinted at the possibility of a final outing as Ellen Ripley after reiterating her view that the Alien story is unresolved

• Sigourney Weaver back from the dead in all three Avatar sequels
• Sigourney Weaver on Alien sequel: 'There's more story to tell'

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Drought grips California and the American south-west – in pictures

Severe Drought Afflicts Lake Mead, the Largest Reservoir in the United States

California Governor Jerry Brown has declared a drought state of emergency and asked consumers to conserve 20% of water, as a crisis takes hold of the American south-west and drops lakes and reservoirs, including the Hoover Dam's, to record lows

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County Won’t Buy Building Adjacent To Courthouse


The Beaver County Board of Commissioners won’t be purchasing a building that sits adjacent to the courthouse. Chairman Tony Amadio ...

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Commissioner Amadio Takes A First Amendment Stand

County Solicitor Joseph Askar (left) with Commissioner Tony Amadio (right)  / file photo by John Paul

Beaver County Chairman Tony Amadio won’t support a policy limiting the rights of county employees to speak to the press. ...

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Behavioural tracking and neuroscience are tools for sustainable innovation

Brain surrounded by coloured lights

Let's ditch sustainability surveys which tell us consumers pay more for sustainability - they don't. New tools, used responsibly, can properly analyse behavioural patterns

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Most online commenters are men, so my advice to other women is: join in

Woman using laptop

I don’t feel intimidated by the men who post below the line, not even the belligerent ones – and besides, most are lovely

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